Review and analysis of invoices is time-consuming. Key spend metrics depend on compliance with Outside Counsel Guidelines. Use Elevate’s ELM Manage Billing process module to:

    • Provide law firms with OCG compliance transparency prior to invoice submission
    • Make line item invoice review obsolete
    • Paperless invoice process captures 100% of data from global suppliers regardless of location, size , or technical infrastructure
    • Access actionable insights from all relevant legal systems including real-time billing status, and supplier scorecards without complex integrations
Manage Billing module

Taking Law Firm Billing to the Next-Level

This episode features Pratik Patel, the Head of Innovation at Elevate, and Joe Woods, COO at Lane Powell, a nearly 200 lawyer firm in the Pacific Northwest. Pratik and Joe talk about Technology, the…

Why choose Elevate’s Manage Billing software?

Streamline law department invoice intake, review, and analysis
Flags potential objections that do not conform to OCG
Reduce invoice review time for the law department and write-offs for the law firm
Shares data across modules, improves collaboration, and eliminates data re-entry
Elevate’s ELM is legal operations software in one interconnected platform

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