Elevated Lawyers™

Experienced, talented lawyers and legal professionals, available for a fixed or indefinite period of time, working onsite at our customers’ offices or from any Elevate location worldwide.


Elevated Lawyer

Mergers and acquisitions expert with 9 years PQE in the telecommunications sector who speaks fluent Italian, working onsite at customer office in London

Elevated Lawyers

Team of eight commercial lawyers each with 6 years PQE, fluent in both English and French, working at Elevate’s office in Oxford, UK

Elevated Lawyer

Contract negotiation specialist with 15 years PQE, experienced with MSAs and SOWs in the technology sector, working at customer office in Silicon Valley

Elevated Lawyer

eDiscovery program manager (non-lawyer) with 15 years experience, familiar with financial sector regulations, working at customer office in New York City

The Need

Increasingly, corporate legal teams want to hire the right person, at the right time, for the right piece of work, but without going down the only route historically available to them: increasing their permanent headcount. The rest of the business world expects more flexibility than that, and the legal world is in need of more options.

The Solution

Elevate has experienced lawyers (from 2 years to 15+ years experience) with backgrounds in top law firms and in-house legal departments, who have chosen not to follow a traditional career path but to join Elevate as a next generation provider of legal services. Now, our customer can hire very specific skill sets for either fixed or open-ended periods of time to work on site within their legal department, all supported by our systematic approach to managing people and quality.

The Opportunity

(for lawyers and legal professionals)

Being an Elevated Lawyer gives you the opportunity to do interesting work with blue chip customer. We offer benefits and flex time, and we’re an energetic team who are passionate about customer service. Elevate is committed to fostering a culture that motivates our Associates to stay and develop professionally.


Elevate is not a law firm. We provide services under the supervision of our customer, which are corporate law departments and law firms.

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