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Litigation Document Review

Elevate’s document review teams are highly process-driven experts in project management, with extensive experience working with law firms and corporate legal teams across a wide variety of matters. The distinctiveness of every lawsuit requires different strategies; accordingly, the Elevate project management team works collaboratively with our customers to tailor scope, review strategies, workflows, and resource estimates for each project.

We systematize our processes to ensure high quality, efficiency, predictability and cost control, and we can provide support both onshore and offshore. Our review and quality control processes are designed for defensibility, and we collaborate with the firm to ensure all ethical obligations are met. We thoroughly track each reviewer’s performance across projects and staff future projects with an optimal mix of our highest performing reviewers. Our Six Sigma approach to quality ensures continuous improvement of our people and processes, delivering excellence and dependability for our customers.

Elevate offers both linear and non-linear review methodologies, and we are flexible as to which review tool we use. To best suit the needs of every project, Elevate offers consulting on the most effective approach to document review, including considerations around the use of technology assisted review. To enable our customers to better plan and predict costs, we offer alternative fee arrangements that are transparent and flexible, and we also offer pricing per unit (document, page, or size), per hour, and per project.

With Elevate Document Review, law firms and GCs alike can depend on efficient, high quality results and predictable cost control.

  • Class action suits
  • Regulatory investigation
  • Breach of contract
  • Patent infringement
  • Environmental litigation
  • Product liability
  • Antitrust matters

Procurement Support

In many law firms, the following scenario frequently occurs: vendors that were originally selected based on price, quality, and fit have since changed their SLAs, pricing, and other specifications. Over time, this can result in cumulative increases in cost coupled with decreases in efficiency and quality. However, this represents a significant opportunity for savings and improvement.

Elevate’s Procurement Services helps law firms systematically achieve significant cost savings without operational disruption. Our non-invasive quick savings approach can start generating savings within a few months – unlike traditional procurement strategies that can take a year or more to yield results – and savings of over 25% can be achieved.

  • Supply market research
  • Spend analytics plus
  • Benchmarking
  • Sourcing support
  • Procurement operations
  • Category management
  • Contract management
  • Vendor management
  • Savings tracking

Legal Word Processing

Documents are integral to both the practice and business of law. Law firms depend on high volumes of secretarial and administrative support, which in turn require significant management overhead. Increasing labor costs and budget constraints create constant pressure to do more with less.

Elevate offers a range of word processing services that help law firms manage these challenges. We can reallocate many document-related tasks that can be done more effectively by specialized teams, improving attorney-to-secretary ratios and optimizing how secretarial and administrative resources are used. Elevate’s highly trained word processing teams can assign time-intensive complex documents to multiple resources for faster turnaround and more thorough quality checking. Drawing on our extensive experience, we can streamline document workflows and balance work volumes across locations to optimize utilization of staff.

Utilizing these and other strategies, Elevate delivers more efficient and reliable document support, while helping firms reduce overall operating costs and management overhead. With Elevate’s Word Processing Services, law firms can do more with less and stay focused on the practice of law.

  • Editing and Formatting – legal documents, document conversion, typing, indexing, tables of contents, tables of authorities
  • Transcription – digital dictation and human-powered transcription
  • Desktop publishing and presentation support – reports, proposals, newsletters, brochures, sales pitches, marketing materials
  • Proofreading – word-for-word, compare and track changes, styles and standards
  • Workflow coordination – task allocation, deadline management

IT and Application Development

Modern law firms depend on technology, but the challenge of delivering, supporting and managing highly effective and reliable IT infrastructure can be expensive and complex. Many firms are interested in the savings, scalability, and efficiency of switching to cloud computing but lack the in-house resources to manage that technological transformation.

Elevate’s IT Services for law firms offer an expert, cost-effective alternative to internal resources. Our IT consulting and project management enables firm leaders to translate big picture strategies into technological realities without the fixed cost of permanently hiring highly specialized experts. For ongoing support and maintenance functions, Elevate’s skilled technicians provide reliable high-quality support that is also cost-effective. With Elevate’s IT Services, law firms can work smarter and reduce costs while staying focused on strategy, operational efficiency, and customer service.

  • IT project implementation
  • Custom software and application development
  • Help desk
  • Knowledge management support
  • Regulatory compliance and risk management
  • Information security and business continuity

Human Resources Support

A firm can only be as successful as its individual associates, which requires functioning well internally. From HR administration to professional development, providing high quality services to employees can be challenging as budgets tighten.

Elevate’s HR Services can help law firms reduce support costs, standardize processes, and improve the quality of service provided to their employees—without taking leadership attention away from the strategic goals of the firm. With Elevate’s help, firms can achieve higher individual productivity and satisfaction, leading to increased profitability and better customer service.

  • Learning and development
  • HR administration – payroll, benefits, etc.
  • Recruiting – eligibility verification, background checking, etc.
  • HRIS administration

Marketing and Business Development

As the law firm marketplace grows more and more competitive, effective marketing becomes increasingly critical to success. However, marketing requires expertise and management attention outside of the firm’s primary function—the practice of law.

Elevate’s Marketing & Business Development Services for law firms are designed to help. We can provide expert researchers who deliver market intelligence on customers and competitors at regular intervals or as unique just-in-time requests. Our highly trained document specialists can create polished marketing and promotional materials that present the firm in the best possible light. We also provide CRM and sales support. Elevate’s Marketing & Business Development Services enable law firms to approach the ever-changing legal marketplace more insightfully, more competitively, and more effectively.

  • Promotional materials, presentations and sales pitches (see also Elevate’s Word Processing Services)
  • Market intelligence on customers and competitors
  • Formal proposal writing and RFx support
  • CRM database management
  • Sales support

Finance and Accounting

Successful law firms require effective finance, accounting and billing, but these critical functions involve a great deal of labor-intensive routine. Managing that routine can sap the time and attention of valuable firm leadership without providing real visibility into practice efficiency and billing trends.

Elevate’s Finance and Accounting Services help law firms address these challenges. Our expert accountants and billing personnel provide efficient, accurate, cost-effective support, and our extensive experience with law firm accounting ensures a highly-integrated model that minimizes management overhead for our customers. With Elevate’s help, law firms can spend less management time on the minutiae of accounting and more time on profitability and growth strategy.

Our teams have experience with leading electronic billing and matter management systems including: Serengeti Tracker, Bridgeway eCounsel, Tymetrix 360, CounselLink, Examen, Datacert Passport/AIMS, and Mitratech TeamConnect/Collaborati.
  • Client billing
  • E-Billing, including input and technical support
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • General ledger
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Travel and expense
  • Purchase orders and procurement
  • Financial reporting and analysis


Experienced, talented lawyers and legal professionals, available for a fixed or indefinite period of time, working onsite at our customers’ offices or from any Elevate location worldwide.

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