Law departments and law firms need to track legal requests. Assign and monitor ongoing matters with Elevate’s ELM Manage Requests software:

  • Route requests to the correct resource based on availability, complexity, and workload
  • Collaborate with a single-screen view across all requests, including status
  • Analyse demand trends
  • Access document and communication collaboration in one place

Why choose Elevate’s Manage Requests software?

A full-service user experience
No training required to manage legal requests
Shares data across modules, improves collaboration, and eliminates data re-entry
Elevate’s ELM – legal operations software in one interconnected platform
Solution Brief

Manage Requests Software

The Elevate ELM Manage Requests software provides a structured way to collect and manage any work request. It provides transparency throughout the request lifecycle and automates various reports to increase efficiency and provide insights.


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