Elevate Legal Management (ELM)

One Platform: Seamless Collaboration


What business process do you want to improve?

Manage Requests

Submit and Track Legal Requests Reduce Email Overload
Allocate and Monitor Legal Requests  
Balance Team Workload  
Understand Type and Volume of Work  

Manage Matters

Track Legal Tasks Produce Realistic Fee Estimates
Show Productivity Metrics Provide Transparency
Manage a Matter to a Budget Gain Insight Into Unmanaged Costs
Reduce Write Downs  

Manage Outside Counsel

Enforce Outside Counsel Guidelines
Evaluate and Select Outside Counsel
Monitor Team Buying Behavior
Review Panel Rate Information

Manage Billing

Automate Pre-Bill Review Adhere to Sensitive Timelines
Shorten Revenue Cycles Review a High Volume of Invoices
Improve Cash Flow  
Improve Invoice Accuracy  

Manage Contracts

Handle High Volumes of Inquires and Contracts Minimize Compliance Penalties
Identify Risks Manage Contract Flow
Protect Assets Track Agreement Obligations
Ensure Compliance Search Large Volumes of Documents

Manage Teams

Advance Communication Between In-house and Outside Counsel
Improve Project and Matter Visibility
Enhance Collaboration
Enable Transparency
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Our ELM Platform is underpinned by collaboration enabling technology

Workflow: Configure and automate your processes

Reporting: Build custom dashboards of data, metrics, and insights

Document Management: Collaborate, store, and intelligently search documents

Data Analysis and Extraction: Automatically recognize and extract information from contracts and other documents

Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning: AI for legal language that automatically learns and improves as you use it

Common Data Model: Common representation of data across processes

Integration: Seamless API integration with other systems

Cloud: Secure private or public cloud using Elevate’s state of the art security infrastructure

Mobile: Accessible across all devices

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