An AI-enabled service delivered by lawyers that substantively review executed contracts extracts metadata and relevant provisions.

Combine Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, lawyers, and technical teams to create a high-integrity contract repository.

    • Access to precedent agreements and related obligations in one place
    • Improved obligation management – avoid missed contract renewals and financial penalties for non-compliance
    • Be better-informed and benefit from stronger negotiation positions
    • Leverage AI for proactive knowledge of your contracts

Why choose Elevate for Contracts Insights?

Highly experienced Contracts Insights team having reviewed over 10 million contract documents
Rigorous technology-enabled process supported by 200 plus lawyers trained to deliver Contracts Insights

Managing LIBOR Risk Through Technology-Assisted Review

Significant uncertainty surrounds the future of the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) framework, which underpins at least two to four hundred trillion dollars in commercial and financial contracts around the world.

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