Consulting for Law Firms

Making firms more efficient, effective and competitive.

Support Services Operations

More efficient law firm support, more informed operational decision-making, and stronger support teams.

In today’s legal environment, law firms must deliver services more efficiently in order to compete. Corporate customers are trying harder than ever to reduce their outside legal spend, putting pressure on law firms to develop more innovative strategies to deliver top quality legal services at cost effective prices.

Elevate’s consulting team works closely with law firm COOs, CIOs and practice managers to design practical, effective support solutions that provide greater operational efficiency for the firm – and by extension, the firm’s customers. We help ensure your firm has the objective operational metrics needed to drive management decision-making.

Support Strategy and Roadmap Development

Support Model Cost Benefit Analysis

Operational Metrics and Reporting

Operations Team Development and Training

Elevate Support Services

In addition to providing operational consulting, Elevate’s global team also provides a full range of legal and other support services, including:

Litigation Document Review

Procurement Support


Word Processing

IT and App Development

HR Support

Marketing and Business Development

Finance and Accounting

Process Improvement and Technology Consulting

Streamlined processes and best practices coupled with the right technologies to help law firms work smarter and do more with less.

Many law firms suspect they could operate more efficiently but lack the resources or perspective to thoroughly assess their own processes and systems or to implement improvements. Drawing on decades of operational experience designing and managing solutions for law firms, Elevate can help firms improve processes to function more efficiently.

From core legal processes to business support functions, our experts can assess existing processes with minimal disruption, then collaborate with law firm stakeholders to redesign and streamline how work is done. We apply our knowledge of enabling technologies to recommend and implement better tools for each process, driving greater efficiency, improved results, and net cost savings. In some scenarios, existing tools are more than adequate, and we help implement best practices that take full advantage of existing technology.

The result is better use of time and resources throughout the firm, delivering better results more effectively and profitably, both internally and for customers.


Core Process Mapping and Assessment


Process Streamlining and Redesign

Technological Innovation


Best Practices

Law Firm Procurement

A non-invasive systematic approach to quickly achieve significant cost savings.

In many law firms, the following scenario frequently occurs: vendors that were originally selected based on price, quality, and fit have since changed their SLAs, pricing, and other specifications. Over time, this can result in cumulative increases in cost coupled with decreases in efficiency and quality. However, this represents a significant opportunity for savings and improvement.

Elevate’s Procurement Consulting helps law firms systematically achieve significant cost savings without operational disruption. Our non-invasive quick savings approach can start generating savings within a few months – unlike traditional procurement strategies that can take a year or more to yield results – and savings of over 25% can be achieved.

Price Benchmarking

Detailed Spend Analysis (Spend Cube)

Payment Streamlining


Vendor Negotiation

Savings Monitoring and Reporting

Law Firm Pricing, Profitability and Project Management

Strategies to compete more effectively and strengthen customer relationships while improving profits.

In an increasingly competitive legal landscape, managing law firm pricing and profitability is more challenging than ever. Many corporate law departments are seeking alternative fee arrangements, increasing pressure on law firms to balance quality, cost and favorable outcomes.

Elevate works with law firms to develop and implement information-driven pricing and profitability programs designed to manage successful value-based strategies for AFAs, staffing models and rates. Our teams consider all aspects of the legal portfolio, including each type of matter, then develop a tailored pricing and profitability “playbook” model that aligns with the complexity of the task or the significance of the work. Using these best-practice methods, law firms can more confidently generate profits while delivering legal services in the most cost-effective and efficient ways.

To develop these programs, our team partners with key members within your law firm to understand your current legal services pricing model. We assess how market intelligence data – both internal and external – can be leveraged to the firm’s advantage. Based on our findings, the Elevate team provides practical recommendations covering both process and technology for implementing and running a best-practice pricing, profitability and analytics program.

We also help law firms develop and implement practical, lawyer-friendly legal project management (LPM) programs to drive success across all aspects of each matter: scoping, timelines, resources, cost, profit and legal strategy.

Pricing and Profitability Analytics Program Development

Pricing Playbook Development


Pricing and Profitability Gap Analysis

Pricing and Profitability Training

AFA Modeling, Pricing and Scoping Support

Legal RFP and Pricing Request Analysis and Development

Legal Project Management (LPM) Programs

Evaluating, choosing and implementing legal technology for the corporate law department can be a challenge and a sizable investment. Elevate’s legal technology experts guide in-house legal teams through the process of selecting, converting, designing and implementing key legal technologies:

  • Matter Management and eBilling
  • Contract Management and eSignatures
  • IP Management
  • eDiscovery

Ecosystem Legal Management (ELM)

In addition to advising on legal technology selection, implementation and use, we also offer Ecosystem Legal Management technology to help law departments work smarter and achieve better results.

Lean for Legal

Strategies, best practices and training that increase value to customers while reducing operational waste.

For many years, the Lean approach has helped the business world increase the value of its work product and streamline processes to reduce waste. Now, law firms are beginning to take advantage of the same Lean principles to do more with less and accelerate delivery without sacrificing quality. The result is a heightened focus on the value provided to – and perceived by – the firm’s clients.

Lean provides proven, specific techniques that can be used to:

  • Help diagnose the root causes of complex problems
  • Quickly address issues with corrective actions through rapid improvement events
  • Improve culture overall, fostering an environment of collaboration, engaged leadership, and empowered front-line staff

Elevate’s Lean team helps our customers learn, master, and apply Lean methodologies in the context of the legal world. We bring Lean best practices to wide range of areas, such as due diligence, litigation support, legal billing, legal project management and practice management.

Real-world examples of Lean improvements include:

  • Removing bottlenecks, such as reducing billing inefficiencies
  • Reducing errors, such as processing retail property leases more accurately
  • Reducing complexity, such as end-to-end improvement of M&A matter processing
  • Updating systems, such as transitioning from hourly billing to value based billing
  • Increasing visibility, such as improving utilization reporting
  • Removing waste, such as process improvements that improve profitability

Lean Training for Leadership


Lean Training and Certification


Lean Business Canvas


Kaizen / Rapid Improvement Event


Lean Process Improvement Implementation


Lean Talent / Managed Services

Design Thinking

Unique design thinking grounded by Elevate’s knowledge of business-of-law challenges and legal workflows

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