Consulting for Corporate Law Departments

Practical advice and proven methods to do more with less.

Law Department Strategy

More innovative strategic planning, more effective cost management, and more objective measurement of progress against strategic goals.

The modern General Counsel is equal parts lawyer and business executive, striving to manage the law department in ways that create value and strategic advantage for the company instead of operating primarily as a cost center. This poses a serious challenge for most GCs however, as many have only enough time and energy to focus on short- to mid-range planning.

Elevate helps GCs map the future and then chart a course to get there from the present. Collectively, the members of the Elevate team have helped over 80 corporations to design, implement and manage legal operations, including some of the most innovative and award-winning solutions in the legal industry. We bring this experience to bear in advising law department leaders on big-picture planning, including strategic goal-setting and priorities, operational innovation, technology strategy, and management information systems that ensure the ability to “measure what you manage.”

With assistance and guidance from Elevate, General Counsel can build best-in-class law departments with more forward-looking strategies.

Strategic and Technology Roadmaps

Horizon Planning

Legal Spend Strategy

Business Case Development for Strategic Initiatives

Management Information Systems

Lean for Legal

Strategies, best practices and training that increase value to the business while reducing operational waste.

For many years, the Lean approach has helped the business world increase the value of its work product and streamline processes to reduce waste. Now, corporate law departments have begun to take advantage of the same Lean principles to do more with less and accelerate delivery without sacrificing quality. The result is a heightened focus on the value provided to – and perceived by – business peers and end users.

Lean provides proven, specific techniques that can be used to:

  • Help diagnose the root causes of complex problems
  • Quickly address issues with corrective actions through rapid improvement events
  • Improve culture overall, fostering an environment of collaboration, engaged leadership, and empowered front-line staff

Elevate’s Lean team helps our customers learn, master, and apply Lean methodologies in the context of the legal world. We bring Lean best practices to wide range of areas, such as contract services, due diligence, litigation support, legal billing and legal operations.

Real-world examples of Lean improvements include:

  • Removing bottlenecks, such as redesigning contract approval processes
  • Reducing errors, such as tracking compliance data more accurately
  • Reducing complexity, such as end-to-end improvement of M&A matter processing
  • Updating systems, such as transitioning from paper to electronic signatures
  • Increasing visibility, such as improving utilization reporting
  • Removing waste, such as streamlining administrative support functions in legal

Lean Training for Leaders


Lean Training and Certification


Lean Business Canvas


Kaizen / Rapid Improvement Event


Lean Process Improvement Implementation


Lean Talent / Managed Services

Digital Strategy and Solutions

Consult-to-deploy services to help law departments and law firms envision new ways to capture and create value with technology.

Through a combination of strategic guidance, technical expertise, and our toolkit of highly configurable digital capabilities, Elevate Digital Strategy & Solutions (“DSS”) is the legal industry’s on-ramp for digital transformation. We provide consult-to-deploy services that help law departments and law firms envision new ways to capture and create value with technology, then help them realize that vision by designing fit-for-purpose software solutions based on digital technology.

Digital technology encompasses a broad set of capabilities, including artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning, content analytics, predictive analytics, and blockchain.  Elevate DSS has developed reusable software modules to help our customers turn insights into action that can be assembled in various combinations to reflect the unique business requirements, data, and workflows of law departments and law firms. Our modular approach to digital technology makes us fast, flexible, and cost-effective.

Elevate has assembled a team of legal technologists, engineers, and consultants who can design and build customized digital solutions that run the gamut from short-term digital expertise on-demand to broad digital transformations. Everything we do is underpinned by:

  • Strategic guidance, customizable digital technology, and implementation services that can vitalize and transform business initiatives, and
  • Elevate’s unique legal subject matter expertise combined with the technological know-how to address today’s challenges.

Consult-to-deploy services


Flexible software modules


Digital Strategy Development and Support


Process Improvement


Data Analysis

What Brian Kuhn from Elevate says:

Technology is disrupting the economics of the legal industry. Our whitepaper explores the market conditions that are driving digital transformation, explores what digital transformation means “beyond the buzzword,” and explains how law firms and law departments can achieve successful digital transformation with the right strategy.

Elevate and World Commerce & Contracting CLM Maturity Assessment

Elevate and World Commerce & Contracting (WCC) have partnered to create a tool to help you assess your CLM readiness

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