Customer began with addressing pain points within contracting lifecycle end-to-end process. After functional maturity assessment (people, process, content, technology) was completed, Elevate developed multi-phased and prioritized initiative roadmap.

      • Historically resistant to change
      • Silos across teams with minimal accountability, lack of process ownership
      • Highly manual processes; major opportunity for automation, standards, usage of metrics, consistency, best practices
      • Excessive time spent by attorney, paralegal, admin on non-legal and/or non-value added work



  • Evaluate pain points and data from Legal, Business, IT groups
  • Form strategic roadmap with prioritised set of initiatives with opportunities for minimum viable product (MVP)/quick wins
      • Optimise processes to support expansion goals, enhance customer service/experience
      • Remove non-value-added tasks for Legal to reduce costs
      • Leverage existing technologies
      • Create one-team with true global view
  • Develop streamlined, automated systems capabilities to enable future processes and remove redundancies
  • Enable integration points for more robust reporting/ analytics for metrics
  • Develop change management/project governance program for implementation to realise / sustain improvements and increase adoption


Redesigned Board and Committee Management process – from 5% to >90% gain by automating and standardising process
Reduced manual documents, wait time, freed capacity of staff. ARCI identification moved work from attorney and paralegal to empowered admin resulting in 75% reduction in drafting/review process steps
Projected millions annual savings through organisation redesign for Licensing, Commercial, Operations
Support for technology advancement – new system/tools (or expanded use of existing)
Full data management plan – created consolidated reporting and build of trackers, dashboards
Full global change management program designed and implemented, with teams trained in methods and application = empowered people and adoption

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