• Technology company received notice that former employee had copied 35,000 documents to a hard drive, sent copies to new colleagues, and saved them on new employer’s shared drive
  • Customer (new employer) needed to find and review 35,000 stolen documents from within a data set of 7+ million records to assess if there was a misappropriation of trade secrets
  • Some documents were potentially ITAR restricted and contained trade secrets



  • Processed 7+ million records (collected from 21 sources) into early case assessment workspace
  • Created search term reports of 35,000 MD5 hash values and ran terms across a dtSearch index based upon the MD5 hash field
  • Identified and promoted for review 62,847 documents, including the MD5 hash hit documents, parent/child related records, and textually similar documents
  • Further culled review set to just 21,739 documents by identifying duplicates and potentially privileged documents


By leveraging creative workflows and Relativity features, Elevate brought review set from 7+ million records down to 21,739 documents
Through effective workflow design and team management, document review team and customer were able to efficiently review and analyse documents in question

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