• Culling of massive data set comprising of more than two million documents to determine the impacted data set
  • Focused data mining to identify the final review population from the impacted data set
  • Preparation of a deduped list in spreadsheet format containing individual names or entities along with the details of their impacted PII elements
  • End-to-end cost containment from the initial identification of data through the completion of the final deduped list of impacted individuals and entities
  • Fast turnaround time for completion of the project due to the strict regulatory requirement


  • Elevate performed an extensive data mining process combining Canopy’s artificial intelligence and machine learning functionalities to identify PII and PHI and its built-in, data-driven regular expression searches with Elevate’s custom searches specifically crafted to each review’s requirements
  • Application of Canopy’s features to dedupe and consolidate the raw entity list containing multiple line items identical information for an impacted individual or entity
  • Adoption of comprehensive processes to merge all duplicate information for each individual or entity missed during AI review due to technology restrictions


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98% data reduction, resulting in ~95% review cost reduction
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Lower hourly rate
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Applied cost-effective data retention options post-project
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Drastic reduction of total document count, saving weeks of review time
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Culled the data set to identify the impacted data and assist in reducing review time by 80%

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