• Law firm followed a traditional data center model – with storage and computing through on-premise servers at a dedicated offsite location
  • Fixed nature required over-specification early in the cycle
  • Difficult to scale as per requirements
  • Required investments of ~$5 million every 4-5 years to replace or update aging infrastructure



  • Identified and advised migrating from physical infrastructure to cloud
  • Built team of four skilled resources to plan and execute
  • Migrated from physical infrastructure in three distinct phases to avoid disruption of services


Created an OPEX-based cost model that can reduce over time (absolutely or per user) as existing infrastructure phased out and cloud optimised
Increased ability to scale
Improved ‘off-network’ (i.e., remote) access for users with higher availability/reduced downtime
Reduced cost from approximately $1.2 Million to $800K annually resulting in $400K annual savings

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