Cael® Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) suite by Elevate

Powerful yet easy-to-use tools enabling law firms and corporate law departments to work smarter and achieve better results.

Cael™ apps on many devices

What's in a name?

Cael, pronounced kale, is the Latin root for ‘sky’ – a good name, we think, for cloud software designed to help take our clients’ legal operations to a higher level.

Cael LPM™

Legal project management simplified

Our cloud-based app improves collaboration and communication between corporate legal departments and law firms. Cael Project (previously Cael LPM) streamlines legal project management for lawyers, with a practical approach and a user-friendly interface that works on desktops, laptops, and tablets – and now, iPhones. In addition to helping law firms to successfully manage projects against budget and schedule, the app has been extended for corporate legal departments, providing oversight of all projects across all outside counsel firms, without having to log into different law firm systems.


Cael Project works on desktops, laptops and tablets – and now iPhones

'Just enough' approach

The user interface is designed to display important information concisely.

Planning made easy

Straightforward tools help budgeting and staffing at the outset of a matter


Simple progress tracking

Quick and easy progress updates against tasks and deadlines with simple traffic light status indicators


Automatic alerts

Early warnings of potential budget or deadline problems


Strong security

Full protection of matter and project-related data

Rapid development cycle

We are continuously improving Cael Project
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Cael BillPrep™

Removing friction from the billing process

Our paperless pro forma application streamlines billing, saving partners time and improving compliance with client billing guidelines.

Ease of use

User-friendly paperless pre-bill generation, review, edit, workflow and approval



Integration with leading billing and financial systems


Client billing guidelines library, rules engine, and automated flagging of non-compliant line items



Identification of persistent issues and trends across invoices, timekeepers and matters


Auto-suggest for missing/incorrect UTBMS codes

Bulk approvals

One-click bulk approval for invoices that don’t require review or pose low risk


One-click clarification requests for vague or block-billed entries

Nimble tools

Simultaneous multi-user editing, intelligent global find/replace, and customizable auto-suggest at matter/client levels

Approval workflow

Approval forwarding and delegation

Device friendly

Tablet and mobile device-friendly interface

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Cael Vision™

Data-driven insights for law departments and law firms

This powerful tool quickly consolidates, cleans and connects data from any source, enabling analysis and metrics that inform important decisions. Cael Vision™ is pre-loaded with industry best practice reporting and metrics, while also providing the flexibility to create custom reports.

Cael Vision™ can ingest, analyze and report on a wide variety of data:

Legal spend analytics

Vendor management scorecards

Department metrics dashboards

Matter and contract data

Intellectual property management

Procurement spend analysis

The results:

Metrics, analysis and reporting based on industry best practices


Flexible custom reporting

More informed strategic decisions based on objective data analysis

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Cael Verify™

Simplifying the cumbersome verification process

This nimble tool streamlines the otherwise manual process of compiling and verifying the contents of complex documents such as prospectuses, saving time, lowering cost, and providing audit trail.


User Friendly Dashboard

See which tasks are assigned, due, overdue or unverified

Easy Upload

Quickly upload new verification projects and documents

Select and Assign

Flag and assign work to team members with intuitive text selection tool

Pending Action Lists

Filter and find relevant verification tasks that require action

Efficient Workspace

Toggle between assigned verifications


Online Editing

Easily edit and track changes in the document collaboratively, with multiple simultaneous users


Monitor progress against verification project goals


Review verification projects or tasks remotely on any tablet or desktop computer


Confidential client matter details are stored securely

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Cael Select™

Supporting efficient win-win legal relationships

Our online platform facilitates value-based fee arrangements for law departments and outside counsel. Cael Select™ gives in-house teams an efficient system for evaluating and engaging outside counsel while providing law firms with scope, value and fee arrangement information up-front, so responding to requests for proposals can be more efficient for the firm.

Helpful tools

Easy to use value definition and scoping tools for each matter


Pre-built templates

Helpful templates for defining value-based fee structures


Easier communication

Automated distribution of proposal notifications and engagement invitations

Data-driven objectivity

Firm comparison scorecards identifying strongest alignment opportunities

Matter management integration

Auto-creation of matter profiles via integration with matter management

Law firm RFP tools

Streamlined, efficient RFP response tools for law firms

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