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Legal Prose That Can Help You Understand Numbers

March 17, 2021

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For the legal innovator, taking an idea and translating it into reality often requires understanding the computational mechanisms available to transform legal data into wisdom. This short blog provides a list of useful resources to help you build that understanding.

Blog posts, seminars, and industry conferences help identify where innovation can be applied in the legal industry, but actually building out these ideas – turning them into action – requires legal technologists. Truth is, there aren’t very many of them and this presents an opportunity for the individual who wants to deepen her or his skill sets. The list of “things to know” is a long one – topics I’ve had to develop a background in to do my job include statistics, data modeling, database structures, ontology structures, software architecture, object-oriented design, CX/UX, data analytics, data visualization, NLP, and machine learning.

It’s certainly possible to find non-legal resources on these subjects. However, while nothing can replace experience the second best thing is learning from others who have learned these techniques and applied them to solve legal problems. Fortunately, over the past five years a number of editors have assembled collections of relevant case studies and instruction resources.

Consider this list of resources providing in-depth – often technical – looks into how data analytics, NLP, and machine learning techniques are being applied in the legal industry.

The resources listed in this post help provide the legal innovator with an understanding of the computational mechanisms available to transform legal data into wisdom.

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