Hear It From a Peer: Making a Good Security Awareness Program Great


Security awareness training has become an even hotter topic in the wake of COVID-19. While the transition from the traditional office to working from home may have added more comfort to your daily wardrobe, it’s also brought more risk to your company’s security. As bad actors evolve to develop new threats, how can you ensure your organization stays one step ahead?

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College of Law Practice Management – Futures Conference

October 7th – 9th | Virtual Event

2020 Futures Conference Coming to Fellows Across the Globe Virtually. With discussions of just about every #LPM topic, you can imagine. Liam Brown will be speaking on breaking away from tradition to become a forward-thinking, client/customer-oriented organization.

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Legal Innovators – Learn, Share, Network

November 19 | California

Legal Innovators is about the real-life experiences of the people working at the cutting edge of solving their firm’s and their clients’ challenges through innovation. The latest legal technology, such as AI and automation, is a central part of this. But, people and processes are vital too, and this conference will be focused on all three pillars of legal innovation.

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IACCM Vibe Summit

September 21 – 25, 2020 | Virtual Event

Elevates John Croft joins a list of renowned speakers for the IACCM Vibe Summit. IACCM conferences have been reimagined virtually. The Vibe Summit allows members around the globe to share, learn, network, and collaborate. Facilitating what will be one of the largest global gatherings of IACCM members and partners for over 4 days.

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Webinar: SHEroVibes Conversation

August 5

Elevates Kunoor Chopra joins Lucy Bassli in the first of a monthly series of conversations with Sheroes of legal, on 8/5 for an intimate conversation with Cat Moon focusing on inspiring and empowering women in law.

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Webinar: A Worthy Journey Defies All Maps

June 25

Nicole and Kunoor will share how they took what they thought was the traditional career path. While that served a worthy purpose for a time, they both went off-roading in their own ways, following their passion and their hearts. Nicole Auerbach from a BigLaw partnership to a leap of faith to start a new model firm to bring AFAs to the market in 2008 when no one knew what they even were, and then a decade later pivoting again to start ElevateNext. Kunoor Chopra from BigLaw to her own company, then to the buyer of it, then to helping start Elevate. And all the bumps and failures and highs and lessons they have learned along the way. Gut and grit and glory…

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Contracting Top Ten: Preparing for the (New) Future of Contracting

May 20

Elevate is excited to partner with Icertis for their Meeting of the Minds web series. Craig Conte, Elevate’s Managing Director of Contract Consulting, will be joining Icertis’ Vice President of Legal Evangelism, Bernadette Bulacan, to discuss how companies can prepare for the new future of contracting.

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COVID-19, Contracts, Legal Ops, and Leading Through Change

May 28

Join Elevate Experts Jake Hills (VP, Legal Operations), Kim DeVico (Director, Consulting), and Prashant Dubey (Vice President, Contracts) as they tackle your most pressing Contracts, Legal Ops, and Change Management concerns in an interactive webinar focused on *your* top priorities.

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Webinar – The Effect of COVID-19 on Disputes and Investigations

April 23

This expert webinar will examine the topic of risk management around document review as the COVID-19 crisis pushes review teams to a work-from-home model. The team addresses key security and productivity concerns and some of the unintended side-effects of traditional risk mitigation protocols.

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Webinar: Managing LIBOR Risk with ContraxSuite 2020

Mar 26 & 27

Preparing for LIBOR Transition?

Our webinar, Managing LIBOR Risk with ContraxSuite, will address how an AI-powered solution holds the key to managing and simplifying LIBOR transition.

This webinar will focus on the identification stage (the most costly and effort-intensive element of the process) and provide:

– An overview of ContraxSuite and its contract analytics capabilities
– An explanation of the LIBOR problem, and why transition solutions are necessary
– A synopsis of the data points with which our LIBOR model is designed to work
– A demonstration of the ContraxSuite LIBOR model
– An outline of Elevate’s other service offerings that can help with LIBOR transition

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Webinar: What does Digital Transformation Mean for the Legal Industry? with Brian Kuhn

Mar 17 | Live: 8am PT / 11am ET / 3pm GMT | On-Demand for a Limited Time

Technology is disrupting the economics of the legal industry. This webinar will explore the market conditions that are driving the need for digital transformation, explore what digital transformation means “beyond the buzzword,” and explains how law firms and law departments can achieve successful digital transformation with the right strategy.

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Warren Agin Speaks on Analytics and AI at ABA TECHSHOW 2020

27-28 February, 2020 | Chicago

Warren Agin, Managing Director, Digital Strategy and Solutions at Elevate will be speaking on two panels at ABA TECHSHOW: “Forecast-alytics: Understanding Litigation Analytics for Case Evaluation” with Benjamin Alarie, CEO of Blue J Legal; and “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to AI,” with Thomas Hamilton, VP, Strategy & Operations at ROSS Intelligence.

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