Elevate is the law company.

We provide consulting, technology and services to law departments and law firms, offering practical ways to improve efficiency, quality and outcomes.


We help law firms and corporate law departments improve their operational strategy, processes, technology, support systems and cost management.


Our Cael® apps help law firms and corporations work smarter with easy-to-use tools for legal project management, data analytics, outside counsel selection and workflow management.


We provide legal work and operational support that helps law firms and corporate legal teams function more efficiently and effectively.

The Elevated Service Experience

“We consider Elevate not just a service provider, but a key strategic partner for our legal department, helping us achieve results we could not have achieved on our own.”

Connie Brenton
Chief of Staff and
Director of Legal Operations

“I like them, and they are easy to work with. I feel they have a genuine agenda for driving change and they’re not a showboat organization. We did go to the market and Elevate came back with the most compelling pitch, thanks to their technology and their understanding of client service.”

Stephen Allen
Head of Legal Service Delivery
Hogan Lovells International LLP

“We needed a provider who could work with our global legal operation at ‘the next level’ and Elevate has done exactly that.”

Angela Mullany
General Counsel EMEA
and Exploration
Rio Tinto

“Elevate is by far the best provider I have worked with in my more than 30 years of experience within the legal industry.”

Mark Thorogood
Director, Application Services
Perkins Coie LLP

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