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Contract Analysis and Review

Many organizations never realize the benefits of contract analytics because they struggle to locate their contracts.
ContraxSuite doesn’t just analyze legal material; it also identifies legal material within the sea of other documents and files in your organization.


Automatically locate legal material among your multitude of other documents, files and communications



Automatically match duplicate or near-duplicate documents like executed copies, revisions, and amendments



Extract key terms like effective or termination dates, unit prices, discount or interest rates, and parties



Automatically group and tag documents into related clusters by content or metadata



Locate key clauses and references like assignment restrictions, termination clauses, or regulatory requirements



Export your data and generate reports to visualize key information, such as jurisdiction. Integrate with downstream systems like contract or matter management


  • Search shared drives, mail servers, and cloud services
  • Automatically identify legal agreements or compliance material
  • Ingest and OCR documents from Word, WordPerfect, PDF, HTML, etc.
  • Built to process thousands of files per day

Preconfigured solution for LIBOR analysis

In response to the growing need for LIBOR-related contract analytics, we have built a LIBOR-focused version of ContraxSuite. Trained on tens of thousands of financial contracts, ContraxSuite can find and label important LIBOR-related clauses, including fallback provisions.

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Contract Lifecycle Management

Full lifecycle with risk scoring, playbook automation, approvals, e‑signature with blockchain, and repository management

Our Contract Lifecycle Management system is designed to reduce value leakage and minimize risks at all phases of the lifecycle. Unlike traditional ECLM systems, ours may be augmented with comprehensive contract services to deliver cost-optimized support for special projects, major initiatives or day-to-day contract operations with a single click.

For any team needing to perform obligation management, our tool helps identify potential risks and protects assets and ensures compliance by providing instant access to business-critical information contained in corporate agreements across the enterprise. Our system delivers value to the in-house team as well as outside counsel and legal service providers as well as business managers who need legal support to run the business.



Portal for contract services


Create and Manage templates and playbooks. Generate self-service contracts to ensure consistency and quality.


Manage redline reviews, response through approvals and e-signature. Track status to ensure visibility throughout.


Full-featured contract repository with obligations dashboards that provide helpful alert notifications


Automatic and custom reports that show critical information when you need it.


Add cost-effective managed support for special projects, major initiatives or day‑to‑day operations

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Contract Repository Management

Full-featured contract repository with compliance and obligations dashboards and alert notifications.

As with our CLM tool, we offer the option to add cost-effective managed support for special projects, major initiatives or day-to-day operations.

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