Your Goal


Achieve spend transparency and realize savings without risk or cost

Get more value from purchased expenses, in an efficient and effective way

Monitor and track contract compliance

Our Solution


Tools and methodologies to understand, indemnify, and capture enterprise cost savings

Vendor Rate Compliance Audit that reviews actual contracts and invoices to uncover overpayments

Price benchmarking that compares pricing from ‘like to like’ competitors

“Elevate’s unique benchmarking process generates purchased expense savings from 15%-30%. The process ensures cheaper/faster/better results, is minimally-invasive for the Customer, and gives the incumbent supplier every chance to retain the business. Customers pay only after realizing and validating savings making this effort self-funding.”

Tariq Hassan

VP Procurement Services, Elevate

“As a Mortgage and Commercial Bank, we have a laser focus on controlling our costs and increasing our efficiency. Elevate’s Procurement Services brought critical leverage to our indirect procurement efforts, and has moved us toward meeting our procurement savings goals, and with minimal cost risk for the bank.”

Senior Sourcing Manager

Leading US Financial Institution

The Elevate Edge


Manages rate compliance for duration of vendor contract

Ensures realization of savings within 6-8 weeks

Elevate assumes the risk

Fees are 30% of achieved savings

Customer pays only when savings are achieved and recorded on books


Where We Find Savings


Indirect Spend can be reduced by 15-30% without sacrificing service or quality

Office Services

Technology Services

Facilities Services

Human Resources

Marketing Professional Services


Professional Services

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