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Keeping the Flex in Australia’s Flexible Resourcing

Part two of this Expert series podcast, Elevate Director Paula Forbes, talks with Dan Hogan, an Engagement Manager in our flexible legal resourcing, and touches on trends they’re seeing today and what’s next in…

The Commute and the Hybrid Work Model

In the second two-part podcast series, Director Paula Forbes talks with Daniel Hogan, an Engagement Manager in our flexible legal resourcing who leads our Asia pack initiatives from Australia. Paula and Daniel touch on trends they’re seeing today and what’s next in legal resourcing.

  • [01:13] Work from home, return to the office, and hybrid work models – with office downsizing and talent preference – options and the hybrid work model *might* be here to stay.
  • [03:35] The office is a training ground for early career individuals, offering a social network and a suitable workspace. Then there is the commute.
  • [06:39] Many lawyers working overseas delayed their return to Australia as the borders opened, while lawyers locked down in Australia have gone overseas or are leaving.
  • [08:29] Rates have normalized in the last quarter of the year from the increases available post-lockdown as the battle for talent in Australia has turned to other factors besides rates.
  • [10:58] We’re seeing more uncertainty in the market going into 2023, and there is a consideration that there’s a bit of risk within the interim market. Longer-term contracts of six or twelve months and temp-to-perm or interim-to-perm opportunities are appealing more.
  • [13:20] The construction and energy industries remain strong and should continue due to the volume of investment in infrastructure, energy, and the switch to renewables.  There’s been a drop in the volume of M&A transactions and an increase in data privacy and cybersecurity investigations.
  • [15:07] There is a direct correlation between how interested a person is in talking to you about a new opportunity and how flexible the business environment is.
  • [17:07] Many organizations are coming up with creative solutions to differentiate. Considering who they are, how they want to present themselves, their brand and reputation are increasingly important because talent has a choice.


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Podcast Transcript

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