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Spotlight Poland

Elevate is pleased to announce the grand opening of its EU-based center of excellence for Contracts and Contract Lifecycle Management. We welcome this team to the company’s existing global network of operations in the US, UK, India and the Philippines.

“Poland is a key location for any global contracts delivery network,” says Craig Conte, Managing Director and global head of Contracts Consulting for Elevate. “The talent pool in Poland is robust, enabling us to provide our customers with access not only to great lawyers, but also to experienced consultants, vendor management specialists, and technology resources.”

Specifically concentrating on Contracts Consulting and Operations, our Krakow team will further extend our ability serve law firms and law departments with support for their contracts and Contract lifecycle management. Edyta Hejmej, the Director of Contract Consulting says, “The team in Krakow is comprised of contract consultants specializing in optimizing the contracting process from the beginning to the end as well as lawyers, procurement professionals and technology and financial specialists.”

Have a look at our videos of the Krakow team!

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