I have been invited by the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) for an encore presentation to my November 2017 webinar “Delivering Value, a Client’s Perspective.”  It will be exciting to join so many elite law firm pricing and legal project management professionals gathering in Chicago for LMA’s 6th annual P3 – Practice Innovation Conference.

While I recently transitioned from managing a legal department’s outside counsel engagement team to consulting at Elevate, my presentation theme at P3 will offer a client’s perspective on law firms and their delivery of high-value services and effective competition tactics. My plan is to speak to the audience in the same manner that I would have spoken if they visited me as a client asking for insights on how best to develop the relationship and grow the practice.

The title is a little cheeky– “Value This: A Client Perspective.” Here are a few of the basic questions that will drive presentation’s dialogue:

  • Relationships, do they still matter in a world defined by RFPs?
  • Legal project management, competitive advantage or table stakes?
  • Alternative fee arrangements, do you still care?
  • Rates, why is this so painful?

The law firms who engaged with me in this conversation in the recent past have found my frankness helpful, and I believe P3 attendees will find it equally beneficial.

I look forward to seeing you all in Chicago on May 16 at 11 a.m. in the Pacific Ballroom.

About the Author

Christopher Sweet

Chris is Director of Consulting and Legal Business Solutions at Elevate, partnering with legal department operations management and law firm client value leaders, to increase maturity and improve efficiencies to reach their savings and profitability potential.

Christopher Sweet

Christopher Sweet

Director of Consulting

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