Legal Invoice Review

Your Goal

Realize immediate cost savings

Enhance partnership with outside counsel

Lay foundation for legal spend goals

Improve invoice management process

Demonstrate spend control initiatives to business

Enforce outside counsel guidelines

Our Solution

Applies consistent review methodology

Delivers comprehensive reporting

Maximizes cost savings

Builds outside counsel relationships

Offers guidance on legal invoice best practices

Provides implementation in as little as 30 days

Programs available with or without existing e-billing platforms

Acts as standalone service or one component of comprehensive legal spend management program

“Elevate’s Legal Invoice Review, coupled with our AI-enabled Invoice Insights reports provide law departments with metrics enabling more strategic partnerships with their law firms. With Legal Invoice Review producing hard cost savings of 6-8%, law departments meet cost-cutting initiatives and improve law firm compliance with billing guidelines.”

Jake Hills

VP Legal Operations, Elevate

The Elevate Edge

First company to bring right-sourced, managed invoice review support to market

Extensive experience reviewing invoices from large, complex, high-value matters

Only provider to leverage expert human review with AI

Invoice review support on four continents

Proprietary analytics and reporting software to monitor and manage legal spend

7 Point Methodology

  1. Invoice format and timeliness
  2. Approved and non-approved charges
  3. Rates and staffing compliance
  4. Reasonableness of charges
  5. Alignment to accruals, budgets, and AFAs
  6. Billing accuracy and quality
  7. Payment and vendor information verification

Case Study: Tech Company Reduces Outside Counsel Spend by 9% with Invoice Review

Save Money

Typically 6-8% of outside legal spend

Save Time

Enables lawyers and legal ops to focus on higher-level work

Get Data-Informed Insights

Understand how your law firms are spending time

Improve Relationships

Help your law firms proactively pursue activities or results you value

“It is rare that I receive [invoice review] questions since we’ve partnered with Elevate. It’s a huge time saver and I’m glad to have Elevate on board.”

VP, Corporate Counsel

Fortune 500 Insurance Company

Case Study: Fortune 500 Insurance Company Reduces Costs and Improves Relationship with Outside Counsel Through Legal Bill Review Process

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