Now More Than Ever – Keep an Eye on the Horizon

In this episode, Elevate’s Stephen Allen, Vice President, Get Sh*t Done, talks with Helena Samaha, the President, and CEO of Lex Mundi.  Lex Mundi is the world´s largest law firm network, providing information to its member firms about developments in local and global law.

  • [01:17] – Lex Mundi – the who, what, and why.
  • [02:30] – Helena’s view on innovation and strategy.
  • [04:40] – Lex Mundi is evolving – talent and technology.
  • [07:42] – Equisphere – a solution to coordinate global delivery across countries and firms.
  • [10:42] – 2021 – The state of law firms.
  • [12:49] – What’s next?
  • [14:01] – Advice on managing change.


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Podcast Transcript

Note: This transcript has been adjusted to improve readability. Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and human transcribers. The context and more than 95% of the actual transcript have been preserved. We strongly encourage you to listen to the audio file.


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