And Say ‘Yes’ to Your Clients

In this episode, Matt Todd, Vice President of Elevate’s flexible legal resourcing business, ElevateFlex, talks with Geoffrey Vance, a partner in Perkins Coie’s litigation practice and firmwide chair of the E-Discovery Services and Strategy practice. Geoff and Matt talk about the rollout and adoption of the ElevateFlex model within Perkins.

  • [00:58] – Scale with a few days’ notice to meet client requests.
  • [02:49] – The instinctive reaction is to question the quality of talent.
  • [04:31] – Elevate is using creative ways to identify great lawyers quickly.
  • [06:02] – Clients are reducing the number of law firms they are hiring. The ability to say yes to more and different types of work is critical.
  • [10:12] – Evaluate talent on the strengths that you’re looking need.
  • [14:09] – We identified clients likely to take advantage of this solution and worked with those client leads and practice group leaders.
  • [16:24] – The number of partners with visceral reactions keeps going down, while the number who advocate for this keeps going up.
  • [17:29] – This is the first of a two-part podcast. When we come back, we’ll share the stories of success we’ve had together.


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Podcast Transcript

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