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Contracting Top Ten: Preparing for the (New) Future of Contracting

Elevate is excited to partner with Icertis for their Meeting of the Minds web series. Craig Conte, Elevate’s Managing Director of Contract Consulting, will be joining Icertis’ Vice President of Legal Evangelism, Bernadette Bulacan, to discuss how companies can prepare for the new future of contracting.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted contract and commercial management teams and their traditional, once-manual workflows. Contract professionals are taking inventory of both short-term and long-term effects and beginning to create a blueprint for the future of contracting.

Craig and Bernadette will share a “top 10” list of practical considerations teams should examine to best prepare to emerge from this pandemic. The discussion will include five recommendations to consider now and another top five to help you map out your long-term strategy.