Manage Matters

for Law Firms

Your Goal


Manage matters to a budget

Reduce write-downs

Produce realistic fee estimates

Provide transparency

Gain insight into unmanaged costs


Our Solution


Scope matter, tasks, identify risk,
track budget

Send and receive email notifications for risk alerts, spend tracking, and matter updates

Report real-time phase, financial, staffing, and task status

View portfolio of active and closed matters, matter type, budget analysis

Specialized IP module available

Workspace includes:

Phase and team status summary

Budget tool

Document and client communication portal built into the module

“The technology solution provided by Elevate helped us to assess our costs, our structure, and our work plan in an efficient and calculated way, producing a more solid number that we can depend upon and propose confidently to our prospective clients. The tool has been really good at refining my sense of how much time is actually spent on a project.”

Ted Betts

Partner, Head of Infrastructure and Construction Group, Gowling WLG

Case Study: Leading Law Firm Improves Client Service with Elevate’s Manage Matters Module

The Elevate Edge


Real-time tracking of actuals against matter budget

Supports highly complex matter monitoring to keep projects on schedule


Manage Matters with
Elevate technology


Advanced Bottom-Up Builder

Client View Dashboard

Check specific Matters

Historical Matter Analyzer

Individual Dashboards

IP Module


Quick Budget Wizard

To Do Lists

Manage Requests

Submit and Track Legal RequestsReduce Email Overload
Allocate and Monitor Legal Requests 
Balance Team Workload 
Understand Type and Volume of Work 

Manage Matters

Track Legal TasksProduce Realistic Fee Estimates
Show Productivity MetricsProvide Transparency
Manage a Matter to a BudgetGain Insight Into Unmanaged Costs
Reduce Write Downs 

Manage Outside Counsel

Enforce Outside Counsel Guidelines
Evaluate and Select Outside Counsel
Monitor Team Buying Behavior
Review Panel Rate Information

Manage Billing

Automate Pre-Bill ReviewAdhere to Sensitive Timelines
Shorten Revenue CyclesReview a High Volume of Invoices
Improve Cash Flow 
Improve Invoice Accuracy 

Manage Contracts

Handle High Volumes of Inquires and ContractsMinimize Compliance Penalties
Identify RisksManage Contract Flow
Protect AssetsTrack Agreement Obligations
Ensure ComplianceSearch Large Volumes of Documents

Manage Teams

Advance Communication Between In-house and Outside Counsel
Improve Project and Matter Visibility
Enhance Collaboration
Enable Transparency
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