Manage Contracts

Your Goal


Accelerate sales contracting

Capture price increases

Manage suppliers to monitor volume / SLA savings

Automate routine contracts

Maintain high volumes of inquiries and contracts

Minimize compliance penalties

Identify risks

Protect assets

Track obligations

Search large volumes of documents for specific terms and provisions

Our Solution

Manage negotiations and deviations from pre-approved contract templates

Send and receive email notifications for risk alerts, spend tracking, and matter updates without logging into platform

Generate self-service contracts, templates and playbook updates for consistency and quality control

Automatically route for final approvals and signature with eSignature integration

View obligations management, performance statistics, timelines, and alert notifications on user-friendly dashboard

Track review status of completed and assigned contracts

Manage redline reviews, approval responses, negotiations, and securely send for e-signatures

Automatically exclude duplicate documents and link related documents (e.g., executed copies, revisions, and amendments)

Identify relevant data for regulatory compliance (e.g., LIBOR, GDPR, CCPA, and Brexit)

Preconfigured Solution for LIBOR Analysis

Elevate’s Ecosystem Legal Management platform has a preconfigured LIBOR data model built into the Manage Contracts module. Trained on tens of thousands of financial contracts, it can find and label relevant LIBOR-related clauses, including fallback provisions.

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Case Study: AI Powered Contracts Analytics

The Elevate Edge


A configurable deviations module for mission-critical obligations management

Contract lifecycle management, from pre to post-signature including obligations management

Real-time access to information contained in agreements enterprise-wide


“Through our process, we develop negotiation playbooks to take low and medium complexity contracts into our managed services workflow and pass the higher complexity ones back to our customer or their law firm. The result is that our customers achieve savings of 10-15%, accelerate cycle times, and reduce contracting risk.”

Prashant Dubey

VP Contract Solutions, Elevate

Elevate the way you manage your contracts

Playbook deviation and risk scoring

Management Dashboards

Metadata Extraction and Tracking

Docusign and other eSignature integration

Dynamic Reports and Dashboards

Self Service Document Assembly

Obligations Management

Risk Register and Heat Map

Robust Document Repository and Search

Manage Requests

Submit and Track Legal RequestsReduce Email Overload
Allocate and Monitor Legal Requests 
Balance Team Workload 
Understand Type and Volume of Work 

Manage Matters

Track Legal TasksProduce Realistic Fee Estimates
Show Productivity MetricsProvide Transparency
Manage a Matter to a BudgetGain Insight Into Unmanaged Costs
Reduce Write Downs 

Manage Outside Counsel

Enforce Outside Counsel Guidelines
Evaluate and Select Outside Counsel
Monitor Team Buying Behavior
Review Panel Rate Information

Manage Billing

Automate Pre-Bill ReviewAdhere to Sensitive Timelines
Shorten Revenue CyclesReview a High Volume of Invoices
Improve Cash Flow 
Improve Invoice Accuracy 

Manage Contracts

Handle High Volumes of Inquires and ContractsMinimize Compliance Penalties
Identify RisksManage Contract Flow
Protect AssetsTrack Agreement Obligations
Ensure ComplianceSearch Large Volumes of Documents

Manage Teams

Advance Communication Between In-house and Outside Counsel
Improve Project and Matter Visibility
Enhance Collaboration
Enable Transparency
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