Simplify your RFP process with Elevate’s ELM Manage Outside Counsel software:

    • Customize your RFP process workflow including scope definition, RFP publishing, response review, and counsel selection
    • A flexible solution to accommodate different fee proposals — time-based, fixed-fees or AFA
    • Facilitates Q&A between law department and vendor
    • Displays side-by-side response comparison
    • Generates analytics and reporting across all metrics

Dion Harrington – A Measurable Impact

In this episode, Stephen Allen, VP of Get Sh*t Done at Elevate,  talks with Dion Harrington, Chief of Legal Operations at Rio Tinto, about outside counsel management and AFAs.

Why choose Elevate’s Manage Outside Counsel software?

RFP workflow to issue, receive, compare and score proposals
Objective data-based evaluation process with dashboarding
Facilitates benchmarking of responses and rate information
Shares data across modules, improves collaboration, and eliminates data re-entry
Elevate’s ELM – legal operations software in one interconnected platform
Solution Brief

Manage Outside Counsel Software for Law Departments

Elevate ELM Manage Outside Counsel software offers a data-driven, collaborative RFP process that provides insight and lowers risk.


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