Virtual Workplaces: Is FaceTime® the New Face Time?

Apr 3, 2017, 2.30pm | Toronto

Flexibility. Autonomy. Increased productivity. These benefits of a virtual workplace can also set traps for the unwary. Professional and social networks fuel the in-person business world, but if you work remotely, alone and during non-traditional hours – how do you create and nurture these important connections? How do you find your champions, identify your allies and sidestep the ethical pitfalls of working virtually?

Three future-proof panelists forge pathways into virtual workplaces and share lessons learned about modernizing in-house legal departments and workforces.

Daniel Coll, Vice President, General Counsel, Elevate
Edward Friedland, General Counsel, Thomson Reuters Legal
Sheela Mohan-Peterson, Chief Legal & Compliance Officer, OncoSec Medical

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