Exposing Legal Project Management Myths: The Truth Behind What Works and What Doesn’t

Oct 29, 2014 – 9am (Session 108) | New Orleans

Without a doubt, implementing a successful legal project management (LPM) program is no easy feat. LPM can include various responsibilities, such as coordination, planning, monitoring and issue escalation on matters. But as with every emerging practice, there are myths about LPM, such as “LPM is too complex and can interfere with the legal aspects of the matter” and “Finding the right fit for the PM role is impossible.” These myths can cause some law departments and law firms to quit LPM before they even get started. Hear firsthand how some pioneers – in-house counsel at varying levels – debunked the myths around LPM and developed practical strategies for making it work within their environments.
Pratik Patel, VP Legal Business Solutions, Elevate
Rick Kathuria, National Director, Project Management Office & Legal Logistics, Gowling Lafleur Henderson
Doug Luftman, Chief IP Counsel & VP Innovation Services, NetApp
Chris Fowler, General Counsel UK Commercial Legal Services, British Telecom

Extending the Law Department Into the Legal Ecosystem: Going Beyond Outside Counsel, Legal Staffing Providers and LPOs

Oct 30, 2014 – 9am (Session 508) | New Orleans

Companies are demanding more than ever from their legal departments but spending less. This panel will discuss how innovative law departments are meeting this challenge by using a portfolio of insourcing, outsourcing, technology, benchmarking, analytics and project management techniques to create and manage a legal ecosystem of law firm and non-law firm LPOs, for law department operations and substantive legal services.
Liam Brown, Founder & Chairman, Elevate
Connie Brenton, Chief of Staff & Director of Legal Operations, NetApp
Gavin Gray, CIO, Perkins Coie
Christian Lawrence, CEO, Discovia
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