Oct 24–26, 2016 | San Diego

Leadership in a Complex World – Teams and Trust

Work is more complex than ever. Faced with accelerating volumes of activity and information, our teams must be adaptable to succeed. In this keynote presentation, Liam Brown, Founder and Executive Chairman of Elevate, shares case studies and strategies for cultivating trust and collaboration in order to develop and empower an effective “team of teams.”
Liam Brown, Founder and Executive Chairman, Elevate

The Future of Legal Outsourcing and its Impact on Contract Management

This panel discussion examines how outsourcing and the use of LPO providers has become more common. As companies look to manage their resources better, the right combination of LPO providers and outside counsel can offer more efficient options. In addition to handling legal processes, they offer data analytics capabilities that internal legal teams may not have.
Kunoor Chopra, VP Legal Services and Strategic Accounts, Elevate
Ginger Dolgow, Legal, Contract Management, NetApp
Lucy Bassli, Assistant General Counsel, Head of Legal Operations, Microsoft

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