Elevate Principles

Our Values in Action

Elevate Principles

Our Values in Action

“Principles connect your values to your actions.” — Ray Dalio

Inspired by Ray Dalio’s ideas, many small teams throughout Elevate collaborated to articulate our own principles, translating our values into the actions we expect of ourselves and each other.

Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values

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We Care

We listen to our customers’ needs and help them solve their business problems. Our work is a positive influence on our personal lives and the lives of our families


We Innovate

We celebrate creativity. We challenge the status quo and continuously ask of ourselves, and each other, “How can we improve?”


We Deliver

We are careful about the commitments we make to our customers and to each other. We do what we say we will


We bring out the best in each other

  • We empower, support, and celebrate each other
  • We assume positive intent
  • We focus on the situation or behavior, not the person

We value our relationships

  • We make sincere, authentic connections
  • We own our failures alongside our successes
  • We temper our ambition to succeed with respect, empathy, and kindness

We bring our whole selves to work

  • We respect and value all experiences, perspectives, and ideas
  • We stand up for each other
  • We believe diversity improves business performance

We inspire each other

  • We pursue greatness
  • We do what is right, not what is convenient
  • We have fun

We never stop learning

  • We listen
  • We communicate candidly and constructively
  • We treat our mistakes as opportunities to improve

We challenge ourselves to keep improving

  • We never settle for the status quo
  • We take initiative
  • We embrace change as opportunity

We take calculated risks

  • We favor action over perfection
  • We practice agility and flexibility
  • We embrace mistakes as a natural part of learning and improving

We discuss, decide, and commit

  • We have difficult conversations, constructively
  • We know when to stop debating
  • We respect the decision-maker, the decision-making process, and the decision

We delight our customers

  • We live to do our best
  • We do things right the first time
  • We move quickly to resolve customer concerns

We earn the trust placed in us

  • We never sacrifice friendly, quality, on time service
  • We take responsibility for our mistakes and make things right
  • We avoid surprises by communicating proactively, frequently, and transparently

We accomplish more together

  • We think and act as One Elevate
  • We align on what needs to be done and why
  • We make decisions in a timely manner so we can act

We step up

  • We recognize that autonomy comes with responsibility
  • We consider whether our own behavior or actions create weak links
  • We get sh*t done with creativity and resourcefulness
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