Celebrating A New Decade

In celebration of our tenth anniversary, Elevate brought nine of our co-founders together for a conversation. This 15-minute podcast episode includes highlights from that discussion.

  • [00:27] – Listen in as Kunoor Chopra reflects on early discussions to join Elevate and the essential and immediate support of those first customers
  • [02:09] – Pratik Patel, VP of Innovation, comments on an immediately shared vision, a humble beginning, and our mission to move the industry forward
  • [03:56] – Tariq Hassan, VP of Procurement Services, reflects on a customer’s reaction to Elevate entering the market – and the impact Elevate has had on the lives of many
  • [05:08] – Vijoyata Lama, Project Lead, talks about her decision to join Elevate and our willingness as an organization to address complex topics and build a culture of acceptance
  • [07:08] – Mark Redmayne, VP of Business Development, talks about outcome predictability and jointly improving the businesses of our customers, never losing focus on our values
  • [08:45] – Elevate’s President, John Croft, talks about structuring the business for the future, having unquestionable faith Elevate would grow into that structure and the impact of Elevate on creating the law company market
  • [10:31] – Joyce Thorne, VP, Head of People, reflects on establishing an organization focused on its people.
  • [11:28] – Lokendra Tomar, Chief of Staff and Chief Corporate Development Manager, talks about growing faster than we thought we would grow
  • [11:59] – Liam Brown, Chairman, CEO talks about the speed of growth, reflects on the state of the market in 2011, how the market has and is responding, and the opportunity ahead


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Podcast Transcript

Note: This transcript has been adjusted to improve readability. Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and human transcribers. The context and more than 95% of the actual transcript have been preserved. We strongly encourage you to listen to the audio file.


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