Corporate Legal Operations Consortium Institute

May 9–11, 2017 | Las Vegas

As proud Diamond Sponsors of the second annual Corporate Legal Operations Consortium Institute, Elevate co-presented several panel sessions. We were also available for meetings and demos, along with our ediscovery partners Everlaw. Elevate participated in the following sessions:

Tuesday, May 9

Session 4: Beyond the Hype about AI: Practical Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Today’s Law Department
9:45–10:45 | Monet 1
Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic these days, but hype and speculation are often easier to find than practical advice on how and where to put AI to use in the law department. What kinds of AI can make a difference today, what use cases are most ripe for the benefits AI offers, and how should you expect your legal service providers to leverage AI? Hosted by Elevate, this panel examines how AI is being used in areas of “managing legal” such as analytics, outside counsel selection, legal project management and legal bill review. The panel also examines how AI is being used in areas of “performing legal” such as self-service contract requests, M&A contract review, litigation document review and verification of public filings/documents. Attendees will improve their practical understanding of how to use AI today, as well as what to expect from AI tomorrow.
Paul Lippe, Advisory Board, Elevate
Mary O’Carroll, Head of Legal Operations, Technology and Strategy, Google Inc.
Steve Harmon, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Cisco
Sylvie Stulic, Manager of Legal Operations and Litigation, Electronic Arts

Session 18 : Workflow Automation Workshop: A Legal Ops Paradigm Shift
1:15–2:45 | Monet 1
Get insider ‘pro tips’ with an introductory talk from expert legal CIO, Justin Hectus of Keesal, Young & Logan, during which time Hectus and ThinkSmart CEO Paul Hirner will co- present a new matter intake case study. The case study will be followed by an audience-driven, interactive session where attendees can volunteer their real-world workflow challenges for the presenters to choose one workflow to build *live* on stage. The panelists will facilitate a lively Q&A during the demo, addressing your burning legal operations business process questions.
Justin Hectus, CIO/CISO, Keesal, Young & Logan
Paul Hirner, Founder and CEO, ThinkSmart
Jake Hills, Director, Legal Operations, Elevate 
Ben Bogin, Solutions Engineer, ThinkSmart
Dillon Knowlton, Product Manager, ThinkSmart, LLC

Session 23: Managing Timekeeper Rates: A System for Benchmarking Outside Counsel Rates Against “Fair Market Value
3:15–4:15 | Grand Ballroom 4
There is a costly problem that every law department faces. It’s a problem that’s not widely understood because many law departments lack the e-billing and legal spend benchmarking tools required to identify it and measure it. The problem: ensuring fair market rates for outside counsel timekeepers. Law departments have historically lacked a practical, efficient method for verifying whether outside counsel timekeeper rates are within a reasonable market range based on the type, impact and complexity of work. Until these panelists developed an innovative solution to this problem, the dilemma was either spend more on rates that are probably not all fair, or spend more to verify whether they’re fair. Learn about a systematic, data-driven solution for efficiently benchmarking and managing rate requests. This solution uses objective analysis of e-billing and portfolio data, cost- effective support, templates, and automation, and this panel will share a “blueprint” for this approach, so you can learn how to implement a similar system in your department.
Connie Brenton, Chairman of the Board, CLOC | Senior Director of Legal Operations, NetApp, Inc.
Peter Eilhauer, Director, Legal Business Solutions, Elevate
Mike Haven, Senior Director, AGC, and Head of Legal Operations, Gap Inc.

Session 1: Legal Operations Maturity Model: How Do You Rate?
4:30–5:30 | Grand Ballroom 8
Developing a strong legal operations function is critical to optimizing the performance and efficiency of any legal department. But that begs the question: what does a strong legal operations function look like? How many people, if any, should be on your legal ops team? What levels of experience should they have? To whom should they report? And what should legal ops be doing—and in what order–to optimize performance and drive efficiency? In this session, Pratik Patel of Elevate Services, Kevin Clem of HBR Consulting, and Jeffrey Franke of Yahoo! Inc. and the CLOC Leadership Team will walk attendees through the organizational requirements and focus areas critical to creating and developing a best-in- class legal ops function. The session will focus on CLOC’s list of Legal Operations Core Competencies, identifying what maturity in each area should look like, to offer a roadmap to success. This session is a reprise to last year’s highly-rated presentation of the same name but adds a new level of granularity and insight based on new data and input from the best and brightest in the industry.
Jeff Franke, Assistant General Counsel, Legal Operations, Yahoo!
Kevin Clem, Managing Director, HBR Consulting
Pratik Patel, VP Legal Business Solutions, Elevate

Wednesday, May 10

Session 39: Law Department-Centric Legal Project Management: LPM Programs That Benefit You (the Client)
9:45–10:45 | Monet 1
A practical legal project management (LPM) program can produce game-changing cost and value benefits on legal matters. With minimal change, lawyers can achieve better goal clarity, financial accuracy, team collaboration, risk transparency and outcomes. However, not all legal project management programs are created equal. To help you build the case for and launch your LPM program, this session will begin by highlighting standards from the CLOC LPM Initiative to help you identify what questions to ask, pitfalls to avoid, and critical steps to take in getting your program off the ground, both internally and externally. We will also highlight case studies of successful client-centric LPM programs delivered by three law firms to their clients. These case studies will provide examples of how the CLOC LPM standards are delivered and played out collaboratively in real-life programs.
Pratik Patel, VP Legal Business Solutions, Elevate
Rick Kathuria, Director of PM and Legal Innovation, Gowling WLG
Joe Woods, Practice Group Business Manager, Perkins Coie LLP
Brendan McInerney, Manager, Legal Project Management Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Session 57: International LEDES eBilling: EMEA & APAC
2:30–3:30 | Grand Ballroom 8
In the U.S. and many other countries, electronic billing is accepted with few limitations. Because eBilling systems leverage invoices in a format computers can access easily (LEDES), we can leverage data from these systems to answer key questions, questions we can’t answer with invoices submitted in pdf. Unfortunately, in EMEA and APAC, implementing LEDES-based eBilling requires complying with a myriad of laws, implementing thoughtful processes, and entering into agreements with suppliers. It also requires an in-depth knowledge of how your eBilling system works. In this session, led by Tracy Carter of Yahoo’s Legal Operations Team and Marika Daggett of Google’s Legal Operations Team, you will learn about core eBilling regulations; how electronic invoicing works for VAT purposes; the basics around what’s needed to comply with VAT/TAX laws; LEDES/VAT facts and get an overview of how to manage a VAT Invoice. Implementing this process involves some additional considerations and it’s not without its pitfalls. The purpose of this session is to pass on the information we have discovered and to show you a path we each follow when trying to implement this within your own company.
Tracy Carter, EMEA Legal Operations Manager, Yahoo! EMEA Ltd
Marika Daggett, Legal Operations Manager, Google

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