Digital Design Thinking

Your Digital Roadmap


Virtual custom workshops for buying or building legal technology solutions with:

     Business Value Assessment
     Digital Solution Design Blueprint
     High-Level Roadmap
     Plan for Next Steps

In three phases:

Phase 1 – Executive Alignment
One day workshop to align senior business and IT leadership on business goals and target use cases

Phase 2 – Design Thinking
Interactive workshops for up to 3 use cases

Phase 3 – POC Solution Design
Blueprints and architecture for conceptual POC solution defined in Phase 2

“Design Thinking is a structured approach to problem-solving that helps lawyers zero in on the right problems to solve and determine how best to solve them by placing the needs of the end-user above everything else.”

Brian Kuhn

VP Digital Strategy and Solutions, Elevate

Digital Transformation

The Digital Advantage: What Does Digital Transformation Mean for the Legal Industry?

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Your Goal


Identify where to start with technology

Automate processes

Use data to make better decisions

Monitor policy and regulatory changes to anticipate risks

Buy or build legal technology solutions that are:
Economically justifiable
Technically feasible
Respectful of end-users, data requirements, and workflows

Evaluate current technology spend

Get better outcomes from technology investments in the future

Our Solution


Validates application of technology to business-of-law and practice-of-law challenges to improve your bottom line

Identifies a defensible starting place with digital technologies like AI and advanced analytics

Reduces risks and costs associated with buying or building technology before making investments

Improves adoption through better process design and end-user fit

Builds a roadmap for digital transformation

“Digital” is Underpinned by Multiple Technologies

Artificial Intelligence

Simulation of human intelligence processes

Robotic Process Automation

Conception, design, manufacture, and operation of robots

Machine Learning Systems

Ability to learn and improve without explicit instructions

Natural Language Processing

Ability to understand domain specific human language in context

Deep Learning

Machine learning with artificial neural network algorithms

Predictive Analytics

Predicting outcomes using statistical algorithms and machine learning

Recommendation Engines

Analyze data and make targeted suggestions per user’s interest

The Elevate Edge


Unique design thinking grounded by Elevate’s knowledge of business-of-law challenges and legal workflows

Legal technologists, engineers, and consultants with big tech, legal digital strategy experience

Customized digital solutions from on-demand, project-based advice to broad digital transformations


Podcast Excerpt:


Brian Kuhn, VP of Digital Strategy and Solutions

In this podcast excerpt Brian Kuhn, Vice President of Digital Strategy and Solutions at Elevate, explains how starting with Digital Design Thinking helps identify a practical starting place before you invest in technology.

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