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This is a challenging (and rapidly changing) environment in which to do business.  Elevate would like to offer some time with our experts on the following subjects at no charge.  Register above and we’ll contact you quickly.

Complimentary Video regarding Contracts, COVID-19 and AI

Contracts, CLM and Contracting in a Time of Disruption

Craig Conte, Managing Director Contracts Consulting

Automation of Legal Work using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Dr. Daniel Martin Katz, VP Data Science and Innovation

Why Digital, Why Now?

Brian Kuhn, VP Digital Strategy and Solutions

Leading Through Change

Kim DeVico, Director Consulting

Quick Start Legal Process Improvement

Rob Priete, Director Consulting

Fee complimentary access to the following modules of our ELM platform 

These tools can help automate your processes and create efficiency while remote working.  We understand how necessary these products are during this challenging time and as a result they will be complimentary. Register below and we’ll reach out.

Elevate Legal Service Requests

Empowers managers to triage and track legal requests with visibility and insight into what your team is working on; a collaboration tool for today’s 100% remote work environment.



Elevate BillPrep

Facilitates paperless prebill review to support today’s remote environment; an online prebill review solution.



Elevate Counsel

Enables users to engage and evaluate outside counsel collaboratively and effectively in today’s legal spend environment; a legal RFP and AFA management solution.


Document Explorer

Assistance installing and training on our Open Source machine learning toolkit, LexNLP: allowing for faster term searches in large document sets.


We’re here to help.

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