Contract Solutions

3 Months to Optimize Your Contracts


Playbook development and process design

Triage and assignment to right resource

Contract drafting, review and redlining

Negotiation with counterparties

Data collection, metrics, and reporting

Your Goal


Reduce time spent on lower complexity, low-risk contracts to focus on substantive legal matters

Standardize contracts for consistent negotiations

Accelerate cycle time and reduce overall costs

Employ workflow technology and process documentation to minimize risk 

Our Solution


Extends your team across a range of contract types and complexity levels

Establishes a disciplined, technology-enabled process

Leverages Elevate’s ELM with cycle time predictability and management controls

Utilizes experienced lawyers across all industries, geographies and contract types

Adapts up or down depending on demand/volume

The Elevate Edge


Reduce costs per contract by 30% within the first 18 months

Most experienced managed contracts services team in the industry

Only turnkey solution covering the contract lifecycle combining people, strict process, and ai-powered technology

Multi-language support for contract drafting and negotiations on 5 continents


Elevate and World Commerce & Contracting CLM Maturity Assessment

Elevate and World Commerce & Contracting (WCC) have partnered to create a tool to help you assess your CLM readiness

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