• Customer had compliance policies in place but relied on manual email approval process for current employees to request potential Gifts and Entertainment
  • Manual process for G&E requests and tracking
  • No preapproval procedure
  • No metrics
  • Multiple emails between requestor and compliance to gather additional information
  • No central repository



  • Design and implement automated workflow solution
  • Review all G&E requests and obtains additional required data
  • Work closely with VPs on approval process and serve as point of contact for policy questions
  • Process and review all G&E requests across all geographies
  • Create and maintain a customised automated workflow tracking database
  • Advise senior legal team regarding any possible risks or escalations
  • Collaborate with sales and marketing teams to communicate G&E policies
  • Maintain G&E policy documents and training videos on local intranet sites
  • Maintain metrics database and creates monthly, quarterly, and yearly metrics decks and strict SLAs based on disclosure types
  • Create and maintain playbook updates


Mitigated financial, legal, and reputational risk
Achieved efficiency gains and cost reduction with automated workflow
Compliance Team now follows time-saving processes
Every step in process logged in a central workflow repository for easy auditing and record-keeping
Data analytics reveals trends or high-risk behaviors

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