• Customer’s IT Procurement team needed processes in place to improve contracts management
  • Inconsistent contract templates
  • No playbook for contract objectives, term guidance, or fallback positions



  • Partnered with customer to develop a Master Procurement Framework Agreement (MPFA) and created IT Procurement playbook outlining objectives, negotiation guidance, and escalation processes
  • Assembled team of lawyers across range of experience levels trained on MPFA and playbook, ensuring they would apply customer’s preferences and risk tolerances when reviewing and negotiating agreements
  • Established ‘legal front gate’ where each contract request reviewed, and complexity and risk-level assessed


Captured deal data/KPIs and prepared reports and dashboards showing progress towards established goals and objectives
Analysed and utilised captured data to identify gaps and opportunities and improve processes, templates, playbooks, and negotiation practices
‘Right-sourced’ each request to lawyers with appropriate skillset and experience to handle assignment to negotiate agreements within parameters of playbook guidance
Trained and transitioned process to customer for ongoing and future contracts

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