• A 2800 lawyer global law firm’s clients demanded better legal project management
  • The firm’s lawyers and finance team struggled to estimate and track matter budgets/timelines using a combination of software applications
  • Inconsistent communications on critical KPIs
  • Partners lacked visibility into vital matter KPIs across the portfolio


The firm had a goal of 100% of matters to be ‘touched’ by legal project management (e.g., delivery on time/on budget)

Manage Matters was the only tool available with:

    • User-friendly budget tracking application at scale
    • Ability to quickly price, plan, and monitor matters
    • Customisable phase, task, jurisdiction tracking
    • Automated alerts and reports on critical KPIs


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Module’s ‘traffic lights’ significantly reduced time for stakeholders reviewing all client/team matters.
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Partners have straightforward, self-service access to KPI reports
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Stakeholders use ‘smart phasing’ to track progress against budget and deliverables for teams working across a matter.
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Improved timeliness of client updates and leveraged insights to inform future matter management
Snapshot of a Case Study on Manage Matters

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