• Global law firm, Clifford Chance, launched an in-house lab to ‘foster internal idea generation and interdisciplinary solution development’
  • After running a trial run, the firm selected Analyse Documents for one of its major global banking clients
  • The Clifford Chance data lab built out complex document analysis solutions for its clients with ongoing support from Elevate’s AI and data science team



  • Highly customisable with configurable data extractors to find legal domain-specific language
  • Integrates with customer platforms, including CLMs and cloud storage services
  • Preconfigured for banking and finance, plus LIBOR analysis and remediation
  • Team of legal AI and data scientists consults directly with customer’s team to create custom AI-powered solutions


Analyses large amounts of data quickly and integrates with other technologies
Data security architecture meets strict demands of banking industry
Used to build custom document analytics for any practice area including M&A, commercial law, real estate, vendor management, and insurance
Decreases time spent on repetitive document work and data extraction
Learns and improves over time allowing lawyers to focus on higher-level work and produce better outcomes for clients

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