• Customer’s business experiencing significant business challenges and initiated internal operational changes and cost consolidation measures
  • Legal business function was driving operational changes focusing on cost management, strategy development/execution, process improvement, and technology adoption


  • ElevateFlex placed a legal operations consultant with relevant in-depth experience supporting in-house legal teams to develop and mature operations through a mix of organisational design, process improvement, and technology initiatives.
  • ElevateFlex talent quickly grasped challenges drawing from experience with other similar organisations and developed an operational review program to focus on key opportunities.
      • Initiated supplier consolidation program to improve law department suppliers’ strategic alignment and cost management measures to manage overall legal budget
      • Developed internal legal budgeting program to introduce transparency and matter budgeting planning and control
      • Built business cases to introduce legal technology to improve team efficiency by deploying document management systems, legal process automation tool, and using eSignatures to reduce overall turnaround time on contracts


Legal budgeting program generates $1m Fiscal Year savings
<$1.3m forecasted savings over 18 months from supplier consolidation

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