• Customer had to comply with regulatory requirements as part of a Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) overseen by US Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General
  • Low confidence in contract data and upkeep of contract repository inhibited contract retrieval and ability to manage obligations
  • Missing masters, amendments, and SOWs with many suppliers



  • Designed and deployed systems and workflows to establish end-to-end contracting processes from intake through to template generation, 1st-level and substantive review, escalation, redlining, negotiation, and close-out of executed contracts
  • Applied Contracts Insights’ Discover, Organise, and Enrich process:
      • Organised contract files
      • Created consistent naming structure
      • Extracted relevant metadata from contracts
      • Uploaded contracts into a high-integrity contract repository


50K contracts put through Contracts Insights’ process
Substantively reviewed 50K complex medical director, physician, and hospital services agreements by incorporating research and risk frameworks to manage Stark Laws, ‘Take into Account Referrals,’ and Fair Market Value regulations
Established high integrity contract repository
Completed an orderly transition, as planned, to blended legal and procurement team

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