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A Data-Driven
Outside Counsel Selection Tool
for the Modern Law Department

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Work smarter with Cael Select

Leverage our efficient, easy-to-use system for engaging and evaluating outside counsel in the RFP process
Easily scope and create a new matter; send it to one or many firms; receive, compare and score proposals within the platform; and select your firm
Track and monitor the buying behaviors of the legal team via the Select GC Dashboard

Benefits for all key stakeholders

In-House Lawyer

  • Tame the chaos of the tender process with an easy-to-use tool
  • Gain insight into multiple RFP processes at a glance with intuitive dashboards – know where you are in all of your matter bids
  • Create and issue RFPs in a fraction of the time you would take via email
  • Administer the process yourself or work together; Cael Select makes it easy for in-house, legal ops and procurement to collaborate

Legal Operations

  • Leverage GC dashboards to capture key metrics on past performance of teams and outside counsel
  • Score project scope, timekeeper staffing, and commercial terms with simple, straightforward system for evaluation
  • Use the platform to directly support RFP processes and/or monitor metrics to drive more informed conversations about outside counsel spend with your team


  • Ensure best practices of RFP/legal procurement are followed for all legal matters
  • Gain insights into areas such as managed spend by practice area, by in-house lawyer and by firm

Outside Counsel

  • See your corporate client’s scope, value and fee arrangement information up-front in an easy-to-use interface
  • Save time crafting proposals that are focused and concise
  • Receive meaningful client feedback quickly with simple, structured scoring mechanisms

What our customers are saying

“Using Cael Select, my team has saved significant time and applied very robust standards in managing a key outside counsel selection to achieve significant cost savings.”

Iohann Le Frapper

Group GC, Pierre Fabre

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