We are continually improving Cael Project

(Cael Project was previously Cael LPM)

Our recent version release notes are below

June 26, 2019 release
  • Revamp Client View panels to provide better support for Fixed Fee matters
  • Retain and restore rows-to-show on list panels,  Add Go-To-Page option
  • Retain Last Days dropdown choice on Homepage tabs
  • Build Grid View panel elements
  • Continuing Bug fixes and performance improvements in speed of integrating customer feed files
May 29, 2019 release
  • Phase Summary – Include Roles as a Participant in UI and Exports
  • Bug fix – Limit Participant Hourly Fee rate figures to 6.2 digits (both UI editing and integration feeds).
  • Release Confidence Tab to New UI
  • Release Other Charts Tab to New UI
  • Development of Grid View panels, Bug fixes.
Apr 29, 2019 release
  • Reformat of Matter Summary Email
  • Move tabs on New UI from left hand vertical to horizontal. Adopt the New UI heading bar on the Old UI.
  • Development of Grid View panels, Bug fixes.
Apr 1, 2019 release
  • Activation of Task and Phase level sliders, removal of Participant level sliders, on both Old and New UIs.
  • Calculations for Leverage and Realization corrected
    On IP Workspace, new multi-select filters have been added
  • Click-to-view Actuals totals
  • Ability for non-matter editor to check off their checklist items
    Design work
Feb 28, 2019 release
  • Phase Summary – Separate out Fees and Expenses
  • Phase Summary – Timecard export panel, export matches the date range selected from the UI
    Timecard export panel, support for large export volumes
  • On clicking Participant’s Fees or Hours figure on matter plan show the comprising timecards
  • Improvements to the layout of the New UI Matter Plan page
  • Fix the editing behavior of currency fields
  • Addition of Custom Phase and Task code panels to New UI
    Implement Timecard Auto-remapping completion message
  • Remove dependence on Costs for calculating Variance (Discount) for Actuals in Old UI
  • Use Phase level totals to activate Task level lights if Task budget is zero (activate on request)
Dec 19, 2018 release
  • Overall Matter Status heading; click to list matters in that status; additional option for days-range
  • Change to default days-range; Display of Matter level budget figure on matter list tabs
  • New Homepage, only display matters with an Open-like status type; additional option for days-range
    Matters List page, include Matter Status icon
  • View Financial Details by Date under Phase Summary tab – refinements
  • Display full content of truncated Project emails as web page
  • Matter and Client level security
  • Show phase or task code on hovering over Friendly Name
    Increase in length of Phase and Task Friendly Names
  • Resolve issues around drag and drop of phases in matter plans
  • Remove time zone adjustment to Date Worked on timecards
  • Display correct currency code for the matter on matter plan panels
  • Improvements to refreshing of Progress bars
  • Fixes to Assumptions handling
  • Performance improvements relating to timecards, search criteria improvements
Nov 13, 2018 release
  • Opt-in to see Wizard and New UI links on Production systems
  • New Homepage design
    Participant’s Matter Summary email
    Timing of system generated emails and notifications
  • View Matter Financials at Phase level by date – Monthly or Date Range
  • Don’t Uncomplete a Task or Phase if Participant level sliders are no longer at 100%
  • Expense timecard bucketing by date range
  • Reliable timecard auto-remap, notification on completion
  • List timecards for the fee totals under the New UI
    Global checklists link – improvements
  • Support for long names and text in feed files
  • Reliable truncation of long email messages from Project
Sep 17, 2018 release


  • Access assigned checklists directly from global navigation bar
  • Add Timecard ID field to the timecard display panel and timecard export report
  • Option to suppress Task Creation messages from Status Update emails
  • Matter and Client Security – Ignore inclusions if an exclusion has been set, refresh settings in security with each integration
  • Enable reliable display of high numbers of rows on Project panels
Jun 11, 2018 release
  • TLR – Display latest status description and corresponding date in Traffic Light list
  • IP Module – Allow keyword based search across dashboard
  • IP Module – Provide allocations to Roles at Parent Activity level
  • IP Module – Display Task as well as Activity name from the USPTO FIP feed
  • Bug fixes to both Production and PreProd systems
  • Inclusion of additional fields in API calls
  • Participant emails alerts for Hours and Estimates
  • Prioritizing of Traffic Light Rules, firing and reporting in order of priority
  • Help panel on Note page of law firm view of matter plan
  • IP Module – Arrange Activity Phases in ascending order of Start Date
  • IP Module – UI improvements to IP Phase Budgeting panel
  • Security testing
Apr 5, 2018 release
  • Receive Notifications setting can be changed without being in Edit mode
  • Matter Number is now included with
  • Matter Name in New Matters created email
  • Retain position of matter row on Matters List page
  • Log changes to Matter Actuals Start Date in matter History Log
    Update Costs calculations in API calls
  • Create default budgets and expense for IP matter Activities
    Recast graph for Participant billings in Client View
  • Update Client View Notes label
    Batch Checklist notifications for a user into a single email
  • Bug fixes occurring in edge use cases
  • Tightening of database query audit reporting and accesses to system
  • Better detection of anomalies in feed files
Feb 13, 2018 release
  • Allow multiple notifications for same traffic light color in different rule
  • Ability to “Star” a matter for easy access from a list of matters.
  • Filter by Published and Unpublished status
  • Removal of the “#” symbol for @Mentions in Comments
    Enable all users to clone a matter plan
  • Inclusion of Template name in the New Matters Created Today email
  • Batching of Checklist notification emails into a daily email
  • Better logging of system errors
    Improved protection from forced logins
  • Bug fixes
Jan 22, 2018 release
  • “Milestone” label and toggle moved right of End Date input field, to more closely associate Milestones with task end dates  and must-meet deadlines
  • Matter History page now tracks and displays Completed Tasks, Progress Mode updates, and Entire Matter Marked Completed updates
  • Feed files may contain Budget figure from time & billing system that updates Budget field on Matter Plan
  • Users can now receive Checklist email notifications
  • Users may view Matter Plans in the New Matter Plan UI by clicking link under Matter Actions drop-down called “View in New Design”
Cael IP
  • Admin users can now map Docket Activities to created Cael Activity Names in Setup panel
Oct 30, 2017 release
  • Participant roles can now manage Matter Groups
  • When using the Timecard Mapping by Date-Range feature, the Timecards that are dated earlier than the Matter Start Date are now accepted at integration
  • As users add an Update Reason to a matter, that entry is now added to Edit History tab
  • Admin users can now update and modify the slider for all users on a Matter Plan
  • The Profitability tab now displays a Total row on the View Advanced Figures at the bottom of the page
Sep 20, 2017 release
  • New Traffic Light Rule monitor prevents an unexpectedly high number of traffic light changes from taking place when there is an issue with a customer’s feed file
  • Users that can edit and publish a Matter Plan can now unpublish the plan
  • Profitability measurements for Actuals will now refer to the cost of the participant in effect as of the date of the timecard, not the current date
  • Users can now search across all phases and tasks when remapping time
  • Users with the Practice Support Manager role can now delete templates
  • Administrators may configure whether their Client View end-clients see matter financial performance as Billed-only or Billed+WIP figures
  • Client View – Fixed Fee matters displays the Total Fee, Billed amount, and Percentage of Progress.  Actuals, Estimates or WIP are not shown as these are not relevant for an end-client receiving work on a Fixed-Fee basis
  • Matter, Client, Participants, and Alert lists have been replaced with faster web components and display in the New Matter UI white-and-blue color scheme
Jun 26, 2017 release
  • Clone and auto-update Matter with current rates
  • Track and Audit the movement of Timecards
  • Matter collaboration
  • Enhancements to the Client View Dashboard
  • IP Workspace:
    • Update and display assigned Activities from the FIP feed
    • Enhancements to the filtering options
Jun 26, 2017 release
  • Clone and auto-update Matter with current rates
  • Track and Audit the movement of Timecards
  • Matter collaboration
  • Enhancements to the Client View Dashboard
  • IP Workspace:
    • Update and display assigned Activities from the FIP feed
    • Enhancements to the filtering options
Apr 10, 2017 release
  • IP Workspace:
    • After submitting a filter criteria, a pill-based label displays
    • Pill-based search on client, matter, working attorney and supervising attorney
    • Configurable traffic light alerts and deadlines
    • Single Sign On (SSO) enabled
    • On-demand tutorial videos added to the Help page
    • Current Extension column data sorts by Initial, 1st, 2nd, etc., Final
    • Enabled autosuggest data within the search fields
    • All icons are printer friendly on the Workspace
    • Spinning wheel displays on screen loading
    • User adoption metrics weekly report
Mar 9, 2017 release
  • My Alerts – Enhancement for “Receive Notification”
  • Rate set selected in a matter override rates from a template, when the template is applied to a matter plan
  • Report Enhancement: Detailed Estimate for Live Matter report now includes Assumptions and Notes from the Matter Plan
  • New prompt for users when changing the Client on a Matter Plan, that displays the message, “If Client Level Rate exists then participants rates and estimate of matter will change”
  • Enhancement to monitor triggering of traffic light rules, to ensure erroneous triggering does not occur
  • Initially publishing a Matter Plan will now automatically create the first Version
  • IP Workspace:
    • Highlight active filters
    • Toggle between My Assignments and All Assignments
    • Email icon will include participants who are assigned to the Activity from the XML feed and not from the time entries
    • Filter views and save the search to a personal list of favorite views for later use
    • Auto-suggest data from the filter and search fields
    • Release of the redesigned UI for the Cael IP Workspace
    • Added a Clear Filter link to clear current filters a user selected and then displays their entire list of matters
Dec 5, 2016 release
  • Improvements to email alerts to Participants based on Estimates to Actuals
  • In view for in-house clients, Actuals now refer only to Billed + WIP totals, excluding Written Up/Down amounts
  • Improvements to Discussion/Notes and Comments Counter
  • Allow customization of Report narratives within a Client system
  • Addition of Billed + WIP totals option on Matter Plan
  • Conversion of dates and time stamps for Notes and Discussions to users’ local time
  • Role titles displayed in dropdown lists are only those associated with Active Participants
  • Manually initiated timecard mapping
Nov 7, 2016 release
  • Participant level roles may add new clients to Cael LPM
  • Actuals that are >=100% will be displayed in red on the Update My Progress page
  • Checklists can be exported to Word and Excel for clients using the API
  • New default settings for the Receive Notification checkbox on the Participant tab
  • Warning message when changing a Rate Type on a Matter
  • New hover-over for Password Requirements on the User Registration page
Oct 3, 2016 release
  • Clone an Unpublished Matter Plan.
  • Mouse over a Participant on a Matter Plan to display their Role, Office, Department, and Specialty Area.
  • Link to external sites from within Cael LPM’s Set-up dropdown, like a Wiki or Intranets.
  • Added new descriptions to the reports on the Create Report page.
  • New report, Matter Status – Budget Utilization.
  • When Cloning a Secure Matter Plan, users with access rights may retain the security or override it.
Sept 5, 2016 release
  • Matter Plan Tab and Update My Progresss page: % of Est column is updated calculation to Actual Fees / Estimated Fees.
  • As a Client user within the Client Portal, added a new Matter link to the list of matters from the same law firm.
  • New descriptions under the Progress Bars to further clarify the current progress status for a Task.
  • Monthly Budget View now enables users to delete the Budget assigned at the Monthly level plan.
  • In Monthly Estimate View, added new page to enable users to plan a matter with an hourly-based approach on a monthly basis, in order to share with clients their upcoming legal spend within a specific time period.
  • For Phase/Task Codes, created a new level for codes at the Matter Template level.
  • Users can now update the currency on an Unpublished or Published Matter Plan, after attaching a Matter Template, creating a matter from scratch or when a Matter is created from the feed.
  • Expense Codes are now displayed on the Time Remapping page to make it easier to re-map expenses.
  • After Cloning a Matter Plan, users can now change the Client Name and Client Number.
  • Users can now Import and display Litigation Docketing details in a new view that is accessible from the Matter Actions drop-down menu.
  • Updates to the Open Activity report.
August 8, 2016 release
  • When the Matter Plan page is in Edit Mode, there is now a link to add Assumptions, Checklists and Confidence levels.
  • The new Monthly Budget page has been enhanced to enable tabbing from field to field and entering previous month budgets.
  • Phase One completed that enables a wizard function to guide new users through the steps of creating matter plan estimates.
  • New report added: Master Report with Budget to Actuals.
July 18, 2016 release
  • Admins and Project Managers now have the ability to turn on/off notifications for certain participants within a matter, so that users are not unnecessarily sent update emails or will receive updates on the matters of their choosing.
  • Users can now review an audit trail/log of the material changes which took place during the lifecycle of a matter. This enables users to review, as well as explain to clients why and when hours, estimates, and/or budgets have changed from a certain point.
  • On Matter Plans, a new Actuals Start Date field has been added to display Actuals from before a particular start date, so the current matter reflects only those Actuals as of a specified date and hides all Actuals before the earliest specified date within the matter.
  • New feature: Bulk Remap Assigned Timecards. Users can remap unassigned and assigned time that needs to be changed.
  • New % of Estimate column on the Update My Progress and Matter Plan pages. Added a new column on both pages for lawyers and LPM’s to see the % of Est hours within the phases and tasks on matter plans. When % of Est hours is >= 100% the color of the text is updated to red, otherwise it remains black.
  • The Monthly Budget Page now has a fly-out that displays the Fee Budget and Expense Budget that may be edited at the Matter, Phase or Task level.
  • In the Project Manager Field, as a user creates a new matter, Cael LPM now automatically adds the user’s name to the Project Manager field.
June 13, 2016 release
  • New column for Actuals/Estimate for Phases and Tasks on the Update My Progress page.
  • New Total row within the Matter Plan table.
  • Within a Matter Plan, users can now swap one Participant for another, causing all assignments to automatically cascade through the Phases and Tasks.
  • Users can now add or update Confidence Levels from within a Task Edit modal.
  • Users can now add or update Assumptions from within a Task Edit modal.
  • Users can now edit the number of hours assigned to a Task from within a Task Edit modal.
  • In Configure Timecard, added auto-remapping by Date Range.
  • Global Navigation Bar Search now searches through Discussion Threads.
  • Added monthly-based Matter Planning: Ability to plan a matter on a monthly basis to share with clients their upcoming legal spend.
  • Change to the Traffic Light Rules Setup – prior functionality was set and triggered based on a traffic light’s previous state. Now they trigger based on when it should be a particular color.
May 23, 2016 release
  • Users can now create and manage Checklists within Matter Templates.
  • Users can now create and manage Checklists with the master Checklist Repository.
  • When Unpublishing a Matter with more than one Scenario, the Scenario that was used as the Published Matter will now be marked with “(Active)” after the Scenario name, for example, “Scenario 2 (Active)”.
  • When Cloning a Published Matter with more than one Scenario, all Scenarios are now Cloned into the new Matter plan.
  • The Matter Details tab now displays the number of Scenarios created while planning each matter.
  • On-demand Training videos on the Help page have been updated.
  • The Update My Progress page has been updated with UI label changes.
  • Users can now view both Task and Expense Codes when opening the “All Time Entries” modal window in a Matter.
May 2, 2016 release
  • Admin users can upgrade or downgrade users’ roles under Setup.
  • The Matter Plan tab now includes a line item for Expenses when the matter is in a read-only and edit mode status.
  • New system user level: “Practice Support Manager,” with same rights of a Practice Support User, plus Edit rights for any matter to which they are assigned.
  • Users can now review profitability for role-based plans based on Estimates and Budgets.
  • Plan and publish a role-based matter without adding participants.
  • Advanced search is now available within Matter, Phase or Task notes.
  • Matter Status dropdown has been added to the Matter List page for filtering purposes.
  • Calculate and display the Average Cost for role-based matter plans on the Roles tab.
April 11, 2016 release
  • Users are now able change a Published matter back into an Unpublished state in order to make edits that currently can only be made to an unpublished matter.
  • Ability to remap multiple timecards at one time, in a batch.
  • Users now have the ability to edit and delete notes once they’ve been entered, so that they can remove notes that are either incorrect, or no longer valid.
  • On the Create Report page, reports are now separated into two categories, Matter Planning and Matter Status.
  • A new set of matter icons have been introduced.
  • When planning or editing a matter template, users can now drag and drop tasks and phases to reorder them.
February 29, 2016 release
  • Added new traffic light rule: % of Estimate.
  • Added ability to change the rate type on unpublished Matters and Scenarios.
  • Time Remap Screen, filter by date and text search timecards.
  • Added warning message to users when Cael LPM is about to time out after 2 hours of no user activity.
  • In Client and Matter List views, added ability to sort the view by clicking the column headers.
  • The Lead Lawyer and Project Manager on a matter now receive all updates via daily email recap.
  • Replaced the Lawyer in Charge field with Relationship Lawyer field, in both the Cael LPM interface and in reports.
February 4, 2016 release
  • New Email Alert: When a new matter is created in Cael, Admin users will receive a daily email with a list of the new matters, clients and Participants that created the matter.
  • Manage Checklists on your matters.
  • Changed the terminology in the Matter Actions drop down for Unpublished matters from “Apply Scenario to Matter” to “Publish this Scenario.”
  • WIP, Billed, Written Down/Up actuals are also displayed on the Matter Details tab.
  • Rate Type displays on the Participant tab of each matter.
January 27, 2016 release
  • From the Dashboard, when a user clicks on any of the traffic light indicators of On Track, At Risk or Critical to view the list of tasks in those categories, two column enhancements have been made to the pop-up window:
    1. A Date column has been added that will display the date of the traffic light alert.
    2. A Description column has been added to display the Rule description that triggered the traffic light update.
  • When a user navigates to the Client List page, selects a client to view the Matter List, a new Progress column has been added to this view. The Progress column displays the overall matter progress for each matter. For each individual matter, this progress is also displayed on the matter’s dashboard.
  • As Participants are assigned to tasks, they will display in order of their seniority (highest to lowest) within the Matter Plan tab and also on all of the Reports.
  • As LPMs build matter plans and add Start Dates and End Dates to tasks, Cael will automatically update the phase Start Date with the Start Date of the first task and the phase End Date with the End Date of the last task.
  • Updates to the Matter Dashboard screen:
    1. The radio buttons have been moved to the top of the Matter Dashboard.
    2. A new WIP radio button has been added.
    3. The Written Down radio button has been modified to include Written Down/Up actuals.
  • When creating Phase Only matter plans, a new Budget to Actuals tab under the Participant tab is displayed. The figures in the column ACTUALS ($) is a link that displays the time entries. When the data in the ACTUALS ($) column exceeds the BUDGET column, those figures will turn red in color on this view. When users click on the > symbol to expand the Phase, it will display the detail by Participant(s) assigned to the phase.
January 4, 2016 release
  • Added Client access: Law firms can invite their clients to login, collaborate and view the progress of matters.
  • Added a new Global Navigation menu bar that is visible on every page.
  • Made XML data accessible via Web API.
  • New Report 1: Detailed Estimate For Planned Matter.
  • New Report 2: Detailed Estimate For Active/Live Matter.
  • New Report 3: Matter Summary By Timekeeper Report.
  • New Report 4: Matter Work Plan.
  • Added a “Description” tab to the Phase pop up window.
  • Traffic Light descriptions have been changed from RED, YELLOW or GREEN, to Critical, At Risk or On Track.
  • Only At Risk (Yellow) and Critical (Red) tasks will appear on the Risk Alerts section of the Dashboard<./li>
  • New matters created from the daily feed, it automatically places the matter in a “Unpublished” mode until the user wants to manually place the matter into a published mode.
November 30, 2015 release
  • Added Firm Matter Number at the beginning of the Matter Name on Client Matter details page.
  • Gross Cont. and Net Cont. labels have been changed to Gross Profit and Net Profit.
  • Notes/Discussion tab, the count icon that displays the number of notes refreshes after a page refresh.
  • Updated the length of the Phas and Task field widths on these reports: Matter Status with Fees Traffic Lights and Assumptions, Matter Plan & Fee Estimate, Matter Plan and Fee estimate – By Role.
  • When using Cael in the browser Chrome the Matter Action drop down was hidden behind the tabs and is now visible.
  • Adding a note to a Matter, Phase or Task and checking the Internal Only box, will flag the note as internal and may be filtered on the Notes/Discussion tab.
  • Under Setup, Matter Manager Roles have access to only: Personal Preferences, Traffic Light Rules, Participants and Rates pages.
  • When creating a task, the start date and end date fields each display the text “start date” and “end date”.
  • Enhancement to the Actuals to Estimates tab, under Participants Tab. View not only by Participant, but now by Phase with participants listed under each phase.
  • Currency will now update based on the currency of the matter in following reports:
    • Export to excel on matter detail page
    • Export to excel on time entry popup
    • Matter versioning report-SSRS report
    • Removed currency from Client matter list report
    • Removed currency from matter group report
November 9, 2015 release
  • New filters of Matter Status and Published on Client Matter List page.
  • Admins can now configure Progress Bars to display in increments of 5%, 10%, 25% or 50%.
  • Parent/Child Matter Relationships can now be created via the time & billing feed.
  • Currency for each matter now automatically carries over to reports.
  • If an Adjustment/Discount is made on a plan, the change will be flagged with an asterisk for users’ reference.
October 19, 2015 release
  • Added ability to clone Matter Templates
  • Added the breakdown of matter actuals on the participant matter list page
  • Updated Traffic Light Rules label from ”Budget ($, £, €)” to “Actuals ($, £, €)”
  • In Matter Actual Time-Entries pop-up, added a “Type” column to differentiate between Fees or Expenses
  • Added the Matter Actuals column on the Client Matter List page
  • In My Alerts on the Dashboard, added ability to filter column headers
  • Matter Fee and Expense Totals now displayed on the Matter Plan tab
  • Administer access rights to the Profitability tab for Partners, Non-Partners who may or may not be Admins, Matter Managers, and/or Participants
  • Cael LPM Support email link added to the bottom of all Cael screens
  • Staffing Rank pie chart modified to display the roles of the users that are listed on the Participant tab of the matter
  • Profitability tab: New formula for Planned Leverage = Total Estimate hrs of Non-Partner / Total Estimate hrs of Partner
  • Profitability tab: New formula for Actual Leverage = Total Docketed hrs of Non-Partner / Total Docketed hrs of Partner
  • Standard Cael LPM Rate Logic is defined by either Matter, Client, or Firm – in that order, depending on which rate is available for a participant. On a matter by matter basis, users can now select either MATTER, CLIENT, or FIRM level rate, which will override the Standard Cael LPM Rate Logic
  • The default for currency displayed is now based on the admin’s location
  • Admins can change the practicing currency for an office/user
  • On matter screens, the displaying and breakdowns of fees and disbursements is now more consistent
  • Optimized the performance of searches
  • Added the configuration option to require strong passwords e.g. 8 characters, containing a minimum of 1 upper case letter, 1 lower case letter, 1 symbol, etc.
  • Matter name field expanded from 40 characters to 100 characters
  • New report generates Confidence Levels to Excel
  • All date formats now consistently display in the International Format – dd/mmm/yyyy
  • Phase start and end dates are now defined, respectively, as the earliest start date of any task and the latest date of any task in that phase
September 21, 2015 release
  • Updated formula for written-off actuals and hours
  • Updated logic for ‘Traffic Light Rules’
  • Under Setup, added ability to edit and delete current Traffic Light Rules
  • Updated Leverage on the Profitability tab
  • Updated modal window headers to display Phase Name/MatterName and Task Name/MatterName
  • On the Participant Rate tab, added an indicator if a rate has been manually overridden.
  • Added a column to the Excel export for original codes and remapped codes. This enables users to reconcile both original and remapped time.
  • Set Traffic Light Rules Rules that affect the Task level, defaulting to Phase level criteria when task-level criteria are not met. On the Traffic Light Rules page an on/off toggle is displayed which defaults to “On” which applies rules using phase-level data when task-level criteria are not met.
  • Updated field label names on the Participant/Role tab
  • Added new report for Matter Scenario Planning
  • UI enhancements to some icons
  • Moved the Phase progress bar into the gray shaded area underneath the Phase traffic lights
  • Minor UI change – replaced “You have successfully logged out of Cael” page with “You have successfully signed out of Cael”
  • Added pagination on the Rates Tab in the admin Setup Page
  • Enhancements to Gantt Charts
  • In addition to a large Phase and Task field name, each now has a large description field
  • Added ability to adjust budgets by a specific positive or negative fixed amount or percentage. Changed “Discount” label to “Adjustment”
  • Created new user/reset user functionality from within the UI and new tab for admin users to create new user or reset user
August 24, 2015 release
  • Added Reports for Scenarios
  • Role-Based Budgeting Enhancement: When adding Roles to a matter, users can now change the AVG Rate to a specific rate, which will override the AVG rate
  • To help users when planning matters, added a “?” icon to right of the Rate Set dropdown. When clicked, a hover tip appears, explaining that “Standard Cael Rate Logic is defined by either Matter, Client, or Firm, in that order, depending on which rate is available for a participant”
  • For users setting up matters, the matter budget description text has been updated to more clearly describe how the options selected will affect the matter
  • UI improvements on the Matter Plan tab. Radio button labels have been modified. “Docketed” renamed to “All” and “Written Off” is retitled to “Written Down”
  • UI enhancements have been made to the Account Created confirmation page
  • In the Participant List, the “Currency” column has been replaced with Hours
  • On the Traffic Light Rules page, descriptions of rules have been added, and several UI improvements have been made
  • Added an “Adjusted Rate” field for role-based matter planning
  • Added new Gantt chart report that can be exported as a JPEG, PNG or Excel file
  • Added a data center in the UK (in addition to Cael LPM data centers that were already located in the US, Canada and Australia)

UI improvements to the use of zero vs “-” (dash):

  • For columns that are turned off, data is displayed as “-“
  • For columns that are turned on, when there are no values yet, data is displayed as “0” or “0%”
  • When Budget is ON but there are no values to display yet, values are shown as “0”
  • When Estimate is ON but there are no values to display yet, values are shown as “0”

On Update Task windows and My Status Update page, the progress bar has been simplified with plainer English and fewer milestones. The progress bar slider now shows the following new percentages and Labels:

  • 0% = Not Started Yet
  • 25% = Started
  • 50% = In Progress
  • 75% = Almost finished
  • 100% = Done”

Enhancements to the Profitability tab:

  • Users can now calculate prospective profitability of a matter based upon a variety of factors
  • Users can rearrange the content on profitability screens to display calculation elements and net profitability
  • Users can now view profitability of a matter in different forms – by matter plan (overall and by phase and task), by timekeeper, or by level
  • User can now view real-time profitability statistics based on actual hours logged on the matter
  • Users can set the UI to highlight areas (with color coding) of high and low profitability for the user on Net Contribution variance from $0 (+/- 10%)
  • User can now export profitability tables in Excel format
July 8, 2015 release
New and Improved Features
  • Discussions, threading and @mentions for enhanced collaboration
  • Ability to define and apply estimate confidence levels in numeric % values and derive a phase and matter level high estimate based on overall confidence
  • Installed New Relic (hyperlink) to help monitor and improve performance
  • Ability to prioritize tasks as “High” with high priority icon
  • Enhanced matter planning flexibility with ability to turn on/off budgets and estimates or use them in tandem
  • Installation of preferences at admin level for each displayed report on Create a Report page
  • Added ability to view profitability analysis on actuals of the matter in an overall or advanced (detailed) view
  • Added ability to apply row-level security to matters, clients and accounts
  • Added ability to set and manage tasks as milestones, including the presence of milestone icons to distinguish regular tasks from milestone tasks
  • Automated integration status email notifications
  • Enhanced template flexibility to include both budgets and estimates
  • Updated high charts to include budget and estimate functionality and display
  • Updated reports to include both budget and estimate information, if available
  • Ability to transfer more robust template directly to matter for planning purposes
  • Enhanced Australian Server setup and installation
  • Enhanced profitability tab for matter planning; now includes calculations for net and gross contribution, price variance and overall leverage
  • Enhanced integration to include user cost information for generation of profitability analytics
  • New Report: month by month matter burn rate report
  • New Report: overall matter summary report (for client distribution)
  • Enhanced matter planning UI updates to accommodate matter totals for budget and estimates
  • IP patent prosecution module – hover over display edits
  • Updates to clients summary page to include both budget and estimate values, if available
  • Matter summary column header now displays % completed
  • Added ability to see matter actual totals against budget or estimate toggle
  • New matter create screen: the ability to enter fee and expense matter level budget
  • Updated matter planning options popup to provide ability to turn budgets and estimates on/off
  • New Matter create screen: made leaner and included only those fields necessary at this point of the user journey
  • New Report: Client Active Matters Report
  • New Report: Client Baseline Estimate Report
  • Enhanced matter templates, including ability to now template people, roles, budgets, estimates, assumptions and other relevant items
  • New Report: Summar of man-days and elapsed days at matter level
  • Display of Unpublished at top of all unpublished (still pending) matters
  • New Report: Matter Status Summary By Phase Report
  • New Report: Matter WIP, Fees billed and disbursements
Bug Fixes
  • Resolved issue of system generating blank Cael status update emails
  • Resolved issue of users getting alerts for Closed or inactive tasks/matters
  • Resolved issue of missing traffic lights in word-output of client summary
  • Resolved issue of hours appearing in edit task popup for dollar budget-only matters
  • Resolved issue of matter fee actual totals including disbursements for tasks that had both fees and disbursements associated; now they are parsed appropriately
  • Resolved issue of expense units being included in fee total units
  • Resolved issue of expand all on matters not working
  • Resolved issue of showing duplicate participants in drop down lists
  • Resolved issue of alerts showing up for “Completed” matters
March 23, 2015 release
  • Added % discount functionality for roles to Proposals, Budgets and Matter Plans.
  • Simplified interface for assigning hours to participants and roles on Proposals, Budgets and Matter Plans.
  • Updated traffic light rule criteria labels to effort Hours, Budget, Duration, Progress and Inactivity.
  • Added ability to feed data on a nightly basis for ranks/roles to populate the Rank chart.
  • New matter level tab: Matter Level Notes and Status Updates.
  • Ability to see last progress update date in Cael based on participants: traffic light changes, adding notes to tasks and progress bar adjustments.
  • In Assumptions, added inline editing capabilities to line items when a matter is in Edit mode.
  • Participant Fields: Search on given name with email address visible.
  • Update My Progress page is now the user’s view of their matters. Task and Phase level actuals of the participant.
  • New Report: Matter Summary Report by Phase level.
  • Profitability tab enhancements.

Updates to IP Patent Prosecution Module:

  • In the IP dashboard, added option to view multiple clients’ Fiscal 2016 Calendars.
  • Filter attributes are now displayed on the IP dashboard.
March 9, 2015 release
  • System saves the “open” assumption automatically when clicking a line item check or save button for the task.
  • New Staffing Pie Chart By Rank.
  • Quick Access, “Participant” link views participants with whom a user shares matters.
  • Replaced Contingency with “Unallocated”.
  • Add the number of Assumptions for each General, Phase or Task within the UIMatter Group Enhancements.
March 3, 2015 release
  • Added ability to view date of most recent progress update, currently defined as change to Traffic Light status and/or adding note to a Task.
  • Added ability to view last docketed/recorded time date.
  • Added ability to manage and view Matter Groups and Portfolios.

Updates to IP Patent Prosecution Module:

  • Marking Assessment to Complete.
  • Created rules to handle $0 budget actions.
  • Grouping bars display count of items in each group.
February 28, 2015 release
  • Added Budget and Actual Hours to Update Task window
  • Improvements to New Client creation page.
  • Enhanced process for adding new Participants to Matters.

IP Patent Prosecution Module:

  • Added ability to filter results by Participant.
  • Enhancement displaying priority flag with Participant and Matter Manager roles.
  • Enhancements to Excel export for Matter Manager and Participant view on IP dashboard page.
February 16, 2015 release
  • Added keyboard navigation of data entry fields when adding/editing tasks in inline editing mode.
  • Added +Role/Participant link to inline editing mode.
  • Added validation to check for duplicate client names and numbers.
  • Added Actual and Budgeted hours to display next to progress bar on Update Task window.
  • Added inline editing capability to the Main Assumption tab at the Matter level, and in Task window pop ups.
  • Added ability to host Cael LPM application on Canadian or Australian servers, depending on location of client.
February 9, 2015 release
  • Added the ability to change Matter Start and Closed dates using the scheduling feature.
  • In user view of Budget to Actual on a Matter Plan, replaced Billed/Docketed toggle with radio buttons and added choices for Posted (Unbilled/All Time), Billed and Written-Off.
  • Minor UI updates.
  • Added new streamlined process to Create a New Matter.
January 20, 2015 release
  • Added client branding options throughout application and reports.
  • Added new rules for triggering Traffic Light status in the following categories: Effort, Budget, Duration, Completion and Inactivity.
  • Improved drag and drop editing of Phases and Tasks on the Matter Details page.
  • Added warning flags for assumptions at the Task level on the Matter Template page.
  • Fixed UI issues in Reminder tab.
  • Fixed formatting issues in Matter Status Report.
  • Updated report names on Create a Report screen.
January 7, 2015 release
  • Fixed refresh issue on Dollar-Based Matter Plan.
  • Fixed issue with Participant selection on Reminder tab.
  • Fixed issue with date sort on Matter template page.
December 29, 2014 release
  • Added autofocus on predictive typing in the “Add Participant” field.
  • Fixed bug in finish date editor.
  • Added new options in “Acting for” drop-down field.
  • Added animated indicator to notify user template is loading when “Use Template” button is clicked.
  • Added downloadable Excel version of “Phase Only” matter plan report.
  • Added alternate naming option for Expenses / Disbursements.
  • Added alternate naming option for Project Manager / Matter Manager on Matter Details page.
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