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What Elevate’s strategy means for the legal industry

March 20, 2019

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This is a great approach from my colleague Liam Brown at Elevate in being so transparent about Elevate’s recent acquisitions, the strategy behind those and the opportunities and the challenges ahead. This is not PR spin – this is honest and brave and it is this kind of new approach that will help the legal industry grow and develop. Elevate and its group businesses, including Halebury, are working with customers on new problems they have never encountered before, and this requires a different way of thinking and partnering with businesses who want to truly collaborate, always with the customer solution front of mind. Rather than assuming each company has the perfect answer, Elevate has created a platform for us all to work together to create a new solution for customers, bringing the best of each party’s experience.

Elevate recently acquired five companies in less than three months. I’ve been asked: why those companies in particular, and why so many in such a short space of time?  To answer those questions, I should first answer the deeper question of what is Elevate’s ‘Why?’

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