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Strong management and leadership within an in-house legal team shown by Adecco GC

February 26, 2016

This is a great article on strong management within an in-house legal team.  Adecco  GC Gavin Tagg clearly walks into a hotbed of issues, not least the low morale of his team. His action to create a clear plan of action, which deals with the issues from a 360 perspective is a great example of how GCs need to think outside the box.  He then appears to implement the 360 plan; from the recruitment of his team, to management and implementation of their service delivery plans.

As many GCs will tell you, running an effective in-house legal team means being an effective CEO and COO and this blog is a great case study of that.

Halebury’s Richard Dalby has written further insight into effective management within in-house legal teams, including Performance and Reward, Management and Delegation and Working Smarter. You can read these on

There’s nobody in the team now who doesn’t have the right positive attitude. Now, when we recruit, the most important attribute that we look for in a candidate is a willingness to be collaborative and a true team player. We seek people who want to work hard and put in the extra effort, who will look out for each other, and who derive enjoyment from working in a team. You can be the most intellectually brilliant lawyer in the UK, but if you have a diva mentality then you won’t get a job with us.

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