Message from Yerra Founder Rajitha Boer – Acquisition Update

Rajitha Boer It has been six months since Yerra joined the Elevate family. It has been an exciting time for our team members, as we get to know new colleagues and explore all the possibilities that joining together has created. For our clients, the resources and expanded expertise that Elevate brings will enable you to take advantage of the great Yerra service you’re accustomed to in areas outside of our traditional engagements. We are also able to scale our services faster with new resources added by the Elevate team…

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ElevateNext 2020 Vision Series: Jordan Furlong Interview

The latest person to share their views in our 2020 blog is Jordan Furlong. Jordan, in typically understated fashion, describes himself as “a leading analyst of the global legal market and forecaster of its future development.” He is so much more. Drawing on his decade as the editor of three Canadian legal periodicals, and his blogging…

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Client Management Suite Part 3: Using LPM to Win and Keep Work

Arnold MittAs Cael Project Product Manager, one of the most fascinating and rewarding aspects of my role is hearing how the application plays a pivotal part in both the way a law firm’s client perceives the firm’s management of their matters, and the impact of Cael on the way in which the firm handles matters for its clients…

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A World of Possibilities for Law Students and Young Lawyers

Kunoor ChopraOne of my second year professors gave me the following advice: “make sure when you go out into the legal world you find a job you want that interests you and excites you.” Unfortunately, I did not follow my teacher’s advice right out of law school but ultimately I parlayed my knowledge, skills and passion to create two legal tech and consulting companies…

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ElevateNext 2020 Vision Series: Bernadette Bulacan Interview

As we head into June, we are half a year away from 2020 and therefore only six more months of predictions in the ElevateNext 2020 Vision Blog. Perhaps as we close in, the vision for the future is getting clearer. You be the judge, but this installment by rockstar and legaltech evangelist, Bernadette Bulacan is a must-read. Just a hint– “women power!” Both Nicole and Pat say a resounding, “Amen to that!”…

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