The Pursuit of Happiness: Promise of the New Era

James OdellI was humbled this week to share a few words with some of the most gifted professionals across the legal sector in Asia Pacific, representing Elevate as global lead partner to the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Awards. For some time I had planned…

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Client Management Suite Part 1: A View from the Front Lines – LPM as Role vs Function

Arnold MittSince the 2008 credit crisis and the subsequent pressure on in-house law departments, corporations have been asking their law firms to provide more transparency, predictability and no surprises on the matters they run for them. Gone are the days where lawyers are expected to do whatever it takes to complete the job, and to know obscure bits of case law to bring value to their clients…

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ElevateNext 2020 Vision Series: Lucy Bassli Interview

This week marks a year since the launch of ElevateNext, and what better way to celebrate than with another instalment of our ElevateNext 2020 Vision Blog series! This is the third post in the series, in which we ask legal industry visionaries to use their “2020 Vision” to predict what the industry will look like in 2025….

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ElevateNext 2020 Vision Series: Ken Grady Interview

We had a great response to our initial post in the ElevateNext 2020 Vision Blog series featuring Susan Hackett. As a reminder, we’re asking legal industry visionaries to use their “2020 vision” to predict what the industry will look like in 2025 in the form of answers to four questions. We know this next instalment featuring (Elevate Advisory Board member) Kenneth Grady will not disappoint. Ken has a knack for bringing a remarkably unique perspective…

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Elevate Commentary on FTSE 100 GC Roundtable

Last week we sat down with a dozen FTSE100 GCs to discuss The Lawyer’s annual report on them and their peers. The discussion echoed many other conversations we’ve had with GCs in the UK and around the world. From our perspective, the three hottest topics were, in no particular order: doing more with less, the rise of legal operations, and fostering diversity…

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Explaining Elevate’s Recent Acquisitions

Liam BrownElevate recently acquired five companies in less than three months. I’ve been asked: why those companies in particular, and why so many in such a short space of time? To answer those questions, I should first answer the deeper question of what is Elevate’s ‘Why?’ Then, I need to give a clear-eyed assessment of how we’ve been performing in pursuit of that purpose…

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