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Meditation for Lawyers?

June 21, 2015

It seems mindfulness, a type of mediation, is sweeping legal America. As most trends that start in the U.S. have a habit of coming over here to the U.K., I expect we’ll see this movement over here too.

I tried meditation 20 years ago but was hopeless at it as I couldn’t shut off my chattering mind! I wonder how many of my profession will be able to be successful at it?

A Zen-inspired blend of meditation, breathing exercises and focus techniques are in vogue in corporate America—championed by blue-chip employers like Google Inc. and General Mills Inc. as a simple but potent mind-sharpening tool. Now, the movement is on the cusp of a more improbable breakthrough into the field of law. Scott Rogers, founder and director of University of Miami’s “Mindfulness in Law Program” says looser vibes have touched a nerve with younger generations—some of whom are turned off by the perceived nastiness in the profession.

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